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Deepawali Date 2023

Deepawali Date 2023 One of the most significant Hindu holidays of the year is Diwali, often mention to as Deepavali. It is a celebration of lights honoring the victory of light over dark and good over evil. The Festival of Lights will take location on Sunday, November 12, 2023.

Deepawali Date 2023

Billions of people throughout the world commemorate the significant holiday of Diwali. Astrologically speaking, Diwali represents the triumph of better over evil and light over darkness. Many think that at this auspicious season, Goddess Lakshmi bestows her blessings on her devotees, giving wealth & prosperity to their homes. Diwali is related with a number of astrological beliefs.

Deepawali Date 2023 Short Information

 Article Deepawali Date 2023
Year 2023

Dhanteras- 10 November 2023

Dhanteras, also known as “Dhanatrayodashi” or “Dhanvantari Trayodashi,” is a Hindu celebration celebrated in India. It falls on the thirteenth day of the Krishna Paksha (dull fortnight) in the long stretch of Ashwin, which normally happens in October or November. Dhanteras marks the main day of the five-day Diwali celebration.

“Dhanteras” is a mix of two words: ” Dhan,” and that implies abundance, and “Teras,” and that implies the thirteenth day. On this day, individuals love Ruler Dhanvantari, the lord of wellbeing and medication, looking for gifts for a solid and prosperous life. One of the critical customs of Dhanteras is the acquisition of new utensils, gold, or silver things as an image of best of luck and flourishing. It is accepted that obtaining new things on Dhanteras gives abundance and joy to the family. Moreover, many individuals light oil lights and proposition petitions to Ruler Dhanvantari for prosperity and great wellbeing.

Deepawali Date 2023

Chhoti Diwali- 11 November 2023

The expression “Chhoti” signifies “little” or “lesser,” and this day is at times alluded to as “Little Diwali” or “Small scale Diwali” in contrast with the great festival of Diwali that follows. Chhoti Diwali has both authentic and legendary importance. In 2023, Chhoti Diwali will be commended on 11 November.

Chhoti Diwali, otherwise called “Narak Chaturdashi” or “Roop Chaudas,” is a critical piece of the Diwali celebration celebrated in India. It falls on the fourteenth day of the Krishna Paksha (dull fortnight) in the Hindu month of Ashwin, which normally happens in October or November. Chhoti Diwali is noticed one day before the primary Diwali celebration.

Diwali- 12 November 2023

Diwali, otherwise called Deepavali, is perhaps of the most significant and broadly celebrated celebration in India and by Indians all over the planet. It is frequently alluded to as the “Celebration of Lights.” Diwali regularly goes on for five days and falls in the Hindu month of Kartik, which normally ranges from mid-October to mid-November, contingent upon the lunar schedule.

The celebration of Diwali holds extraordinary importance and is commended in light of multiple factors. One of the most well known legends related with Diwali is the arrival of Ruler Rama, his significant other Sita, and his dependable sibling Lakshmana to their realm of Ayodhya in the wake of overcoming the evil spirit lord Ravana. To invite them and to commend their triumph, individuals of Ayodhya lit lights and enlightened the whole city. This practice of lighting lights represents the triumph of light over haziness and great over evil.

During Diwali, individuals beautify their homes with oil lights or diyas, bright rangoli (creative plans made on the ground), and energetic beautifications. Families meet up to perform exceptional petitions and ceremonies, trade gifts, and offer scrumptious desserts and bites. Firecrackers and wafers are likewise a typical piece of the festival, adding to the merry environment.

Govardhan Puja – 13 November 2023

Govardhan Puja, otherwise called “Annakut” or “Bali Pratipada,” is a Hindu celebration celebrated in India. It falls on the fourth day of the five-day Diwali celebration, as a rule in the Hindu month of Kartik (October or November). Govardhan Puja 2023 will be commended on November 13. The celebration honors an episode from the existence of Ruler Krishna. As per Hindu sacred texts, individuals of the town of Gokul used to love and make contributions to Master Indra, the divine force of downpour, to guarantee plentiful harvests. Notwithstanding, Master Krishna encouraged them to shut down these contributions to Indra and on second thought love the Govardhan Slope, a holy slope in the locale.

In light of this, Master Indra became furious and sent heavy rains to flood the town. To safeguard the locals, Ruler Krishna lifted the Govardhan Slope with his little finger and held it as an umbrella, protecting individuals from the downpours. This demonstration of Ruler Krishna’s help from above is the focal topic of Govardhan Puja, representing the significance of revering nature and the climate.

Bhai Dooj – 14 November 2023

Bhai Dooj, otherwise called “Bhaiya Dooj” or “Bhai Tika,” is a Hindu celebration celebrated in India. It is normally seen on the fifth day of the five-day Diwali celebration, which falls in the Hindu month of Kartik (for the most part in October or November). Bhai Dooj is a unique event that commends the power of profound devotion and warmth among family. Bhai Dooj 2023 will be praised on November 14. The celebration’s name “Bhai Dooj” can be separated into two sections: ” Bhai” signifies sibling, and “Dooj” alludes to the second day of the lunar fortnight, which is the day of the celebration.

On Bhai Dooj, sisters honor and show their adoration for their siblings by performing different ceremonies. Sisters apply a “tilak” (an imprint made with vermillion or sandalwood glue) on their siblings’ temples and perform aarti (a custom including the waving of a lit light) to favor them with joy, thriving, and a long life. Siblings, consequently, offer gifts and badge of adoration to their sisters. It is a day when kin meet up, express their fondness for each other, and trade great wishes.

Different dates of celebrations across India

Diwali, known by various names in different pieces of India, is commended on various days, but near one another. the celebration falls on November 12, 2023. In Goa and West India, it is commended on November 11, 2023, a day prior Diwali. In Varanasi, it will be commended on November 26, 2023, while in Punjab and different districts like West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, Diwali will be seen on November 12, 2023.

Significance of Diwali 2023

Significance of diwali ever, subsequent to overcoming the ten-headed evil spirit ruler of Lanka named Ravana, Master Rama, Sita, and Lakshman got back to Ayodhya. The occupants of the region invited their Ruler and sovereign back to the high position on this event by lighting earthen lights and popping wafers.

The marriage of Goddess Lakshmi and Master Vishnu in paradise is one more motivation to recognize this day. Here day is committed to the love of Devi Kali, the most powerful Goddess of “shakti,” in Bengal. This day holds extraordinary importance in the Jain custom since it is the day that Mahavira accomplished a definitive condition of nirvana. This day was seen as the reap celebration in antiquated India. Dayanand Saraswati, the “legend” of the Arya Samaj, likewise has a passing commemoration on Diwali.

Happy Chaitra Navratri Wishes 

Sacred timings for Diwali Puja

Dhanteras Puja Muhurat: 6:20 PM to 8:20 PM on November 10, 2023
Choti Diwali’s Hanuman Puja: 11:57 AM to 12:48 PM on November 11, 2023
The November 12, Lakshmi Puja Muhurat: 5:40 AM to 7:36 PM
On November 13, “Govardhan Puja”: 6:45 AM to 9:00 AM
On November 14, Bhai Dooj Aparahna Muhurat: 1:30 PM to 3:45 PM

Diwali 2023 Puja Muhurat

Diwali 2023 puja celebration, which happens on a Friday, is the principal day of the Diwali festivities in 2023. On Saturday, November 11, Chhoti Diwali will occur to proceed with the festivals. Sunday, November 12, is the much anticipated day for Diwali, the Celebration of Lights. Monday, November thirteenth, is Govardhan Puja. In conclusion, on Tuesday, the fourteenth, there is a festival of kin connections called Bhai Dooj.

On the promising event of Diwali, petitions to God are proposed to Goddess Lakshmi and Ruler Ganesha to look for gifts for abundance and flourishing, and some additionally look for astuteness. As per the Drik Panchang site, a legitimate mysterious entry in India, the Lakshmi Puja Muhurat is supposed to happen between 5:40 PM and 7:36 PM, going on for 1 hour and 56 minutes. Here are the timings for different customs:

Date Day Event Muhurat
10 November 2023 Friday Dhanteras 06:02 PM to 08:00 PM
11 November 2023 Saturday Chhoti Diwali 11:39 PM to 12:32 AM
12 November 2023 Sunday Diwali 05:40 PM to 07:36 PM
13 November 2023 Monday Govardhan Puja 06:18 AM to 08:36 AM
14 November 2023 Tuesday Bhai Dooj 01:17 PM to 03:30 PM

Diwali 2023 Food Recipes

Heavenly treats are one more part of Diwali festivities, and a few recipes have been propose to the USA today. In the event that you expect to observe Diwali, you should try these out.

  • Motichur Laddu is a sweet mixture that becomes molten in your tongue.
  • Jalebi is a spiral-shape confection compose of sugar syrup, gram flour, and all-purpose flour.
  • A rose-flavored sugar syrup is use to coat tiny balls, like doughnut holes, in gulab jamun, a delicacy.
  • Thattai
  • Ribbon Pakoda
  • Rasmalai
  • Butter Murukku
  • Kheel Namkeen (Salted Parched Paddy)

Rituals of Deepawali 2023

Diwali is a critical public occasion in India as it is seen in various ways around the country. Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali celebrations in Quite a while, and it is view as a big moment to purchase costly merchandise.

  • Diwali begins on Dhanteras, which marks the begin of a new fiscal year. On the second day, Naraka Chaturdasi, commemorates the day that Lord Krishna slew the monster Narakasura & on the third day, Amavasya, it honors Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of riches and wealth.
  • It is imperative that you clean your house & embellish the Puja space with flowers, lights & other ornamental objects before beginning the Puja.
  • For the Puja, you will need a statue or portrait of Lord Ganesha, flowers, incense sticks, a bowl of rice & candies.
  • As a sign of respect, it’s crucial to take a bath & change into clean clothing before beginning the Puja.
  • A Diya or lamp can be lit to create a calm & relaxing atmosphere.
  • Ask Lord Ganesha for blessings and offer prayers. Offer him sweets and other Puja give while you recite his mantras.
  • Light the incense sticks and wave them in front of the statue or painting to perform Lord Ganesha’s aarti.
  • Give prasad to your loved ones &  friends and ask your elders for blessings.

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Ques & Ans Related to Deepawali Date 2023

What are the 5 days of Diwali in 2023?

It is a five-day long festival that starts with Dhanteras and ends with Bhai Dooj. This year, the five-day-long festival will begin on November 10 and end on November 14. Diwali which is celebrate with fervour in India, is also observ in many other countries with the same kind of excitement.

What time is Diwali Puja in 2023?

In 2023, Diwali will be celebrate on November 12, falling on a Sunday. The most auspicious time to perform the Diwali puja is after sunset, during the period known as ‘pradosh.’ The selection of this time is base on the presence of Amavasya tithi (new moon) during pradosh.

What is the spiritual significance of Diwali?

Diwali is celebrate by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and Newar Buddhists, although for each faith it marks different historical events and stories, but nonetheless the festival represents the same symbolic victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance and good over evil.

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