Drishyam 3 Release Date & Time 2023, Reviled The Storyline, Cast, Shooting, Budget, Director & More Information

The release date for Drishyam 3 is set for 2023. You can find all the details regarding the plot, cast, and budget of the film on this page at present.

Drishyam 3

Kumar Mangat Pathak, Ajit Andhare, and Abhishek Pathak produced the movie under the production house Panorma Studios. The cast included renowned actors such as Ajay Devgan, Tabu, Shriya Saran, and Ishita Dutta. With a business of 111 crores rupees, the film was declared a commercial success. It was widely regarded as the finest suspense thriller in Indian Cinemas.

Success of Drishyam 2

Following the success of Drishyam 2 in Hindi, the creators of the Drishyam series are already contemplating the production of a third installment. Fans of Ajay Devgn were amazed by the suspenseful thriller Drishyam 2, which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Malayalam and Hindi versions

The movie, Drishyam 2, was later released in both Malayalam and Hindi versions. The Malayalam version became available on OTT platforms in February 2019, while the Hindi version was released on November 18, 2022. Continuing the story, the film achieved success by earning a total of 343.42 crore rupees.

Drishyam 3 Movie Date

Following the success of Drishyam 2, the franchise is currently in the process of developing its third sequel. It is anticipated that with the release of the third instalment, the story of Drishyam will reach its conclusion.

Movie OTT On Amazon Prime Video

However, please note that this project is still in its planning stage. For subscribers, the Drishyam franchise movies can be accessed on Amazon Prime Video. This article contains various details pertaining to the movie.

Drishyam 3 Release date

Drishyam 3 was previously announced by producer Antony Perumbavoor last year. The director of the Malayalam version, Jeethu Joseph, has confirmed that the conclusion of Drishyam 3 has been finalized and the climax of the third movie has already been scripted. The shooting is set to commence in the upcoming months.

Hit On Threaters

While the official release date for the movie has not yet been announced by the producers, it is anticipated to hit theaters in December 2023.

Movie Languages

Additionally, it has been reported that both the Malayalam and Hindi versions of the movie will be released on the same day to maintain suspense. Although the trailer for the movie has not been released yet, it is expected to be unveiled by mid or end of 2023.

Drishyam 3 Release Date 2023 Overview

Name of movies Drishyam 3
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CATEGORY Entertainment
Release Date Expected Dec 2023

Drishyam 3 Budget

The first installment of Drishyam, released in 2015, had a budget of 38 crores rupees. In contrast, the sequel, Drishyam 2, was made with a higher budget of 50 crores rupees. The budget for Drishyam 3 is still pending approval. However, it is anticipated that the third film will have a comparable budget to its predecessors.

Drishyam 3 Storyline

The Salgaonkar family takes center stage in the action-packed storyline of Drishyam 3. They find themselves in a situation where they need to cover up a murder that they are being suspected of committing.


Anju’s friend, Sam, starts blackmailing her by capturing photos and videos of her. Tragically, Anju commits suicide by hitting a pipe after getting too close to Nandini. In order to protect his family, Vijay hides Sam’s body and goes to great lengths to ensure their safety.


Meera, who is Sam’s mother, detains the Salgaonkar family due to her suspicions about them. However, throughout the entire ordeal, they fail to provide any evidence that could support Meera’s accusations. Instead of finding Sam’s remains during their search, they stumble upon cow bones. Eventually, the whereabouts of the corpse are revealed.

Vijay never experiences a peaceful life

We can fast forward a few months. To ensure that Vijay never experiences a peaceful life, Mahesh convinced Meera that this would be the most suitable punishment for him.

Final Episode Of Series

In the final episode of the series, there is a possibility that the investigation will be reopened, and new information that questions Vijay’s intelligence may come to light.

Drishyam 3 Release Date

Drishyam 3 Announced

According to reports, Drishyam 3 is anticipated to be launched either in 2023 or 2024. Drishyam, directed by Jeethu Joseph and featuring Mohanlal in the main role, was also remade in four other languages.

Lead Roles

Ajay Devgn played the lead role in the Hindi version, while V. Ravichandran starred in the Kannada adaptation titled Drishya, Venkatesh in the Telugu version named Drushyam, and Kamal Haasan in the Tamil remake known as Papanasam.

Drishyam 3 Mohanlal’s About

During a conversation with the audience, director Jeethu Joseph disclosed that he has an idea for the final episode of Mohanlal’s Drishyam 3.

Professional Obligations

However, due to his other professional obligations, he is currently unable to come up with an engaging storyline.

What’s there in Malayalam version?

Jeethu mentioned that the Malayalam version of Drishyam 3 is still in the initial planning phase and production may commence in the near future. Initially, both Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph were reluctant to work on the third installment.

Drishyam 3 Starcast and Director

The starcast of the third sequel of the Drishyam, series will be somewhat similar to the cast of Drishyam 2. The team may add some of the new characters to fulfil the need of new plot. The list of some characters is presented below: 

Characters & Casting


Actor played

Vijay Salgaonkar

Ajay Devgn 

IG Tarun Ahlawat

Akshaye Khanna 

Meera Deshmukh


Nandini Salgaonkar

Shriya Saran 

Anju Salgaonkar

Ishita Dutta 

Mahesh Deshmukh

Rajat Kapoor 

Anu Salgaonkar

Mrunal Jadhav 

Drishyam Movie 1st Season

The first instalment of the Drishyam series was directed by Nishikant Kamat, whereas the second sequel of the movie was directed by Abhishek Pathak.

Direct Official Update

The Malayalam version was directed by Jeethu Joseph, and he will direct the third part as well. For Hindi version of Drishyam 3, the name of the director has not yet been released. 

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Ques & Ans Related to Drishyam 3 Release Date 2023

Was Drishyam 2 a hit or flop?

Drishyam 2 was a hit, the story of the movie was worth watching.

When will Drishyam 3 be released and when will the shooting of the movie start?

The released dates have not been confirmed by the producers. The shooting will begin from mid 2023.

Is Drishyam based on real-life story?

The movie was influenced by more than one crime cases.

Will Vijay Salgaonkar get arrested in Drishyam 2?

To know this you will have to watch the movie when it is released.

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