Gautan Adani Net Worth Biography, Siblings, Birth Place, Birth Date, Family, Business

Gautan Adani Net Worth: These days, Gautan Adani, India’s largest businessman and multi-billionaire, is in the news. Although Adani is one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, he is currently the subject of debate due to his absence from the top ten list. Just a few days ago, Adani ranked third on the list of the world’s richest people. However, following the Hindenburg report, the share prices of all of Adani’s businesses fell, and the Adani group lost approximately 100 billion dollars in a week.

Gautan Adani Net Worth

The full name of Gautam Adani, the third richest person in the world, is Gautam Shantilal Adani. Adani is a well-known Indian industrialist, businessman, and businessperson. He is the Indian multinational conglomerate Gautan Adani founder and chairman. Additionally, he is the president of Adani Foundation, a different Indian multinational conglomerate. Bloomberg claims that Gautam Adani overtook Mukesh Ambani to become the richest person in Asia and the third richest person in the world, after Elon Musk and his family and Bernard Arnault.

Gautan Adani Net Worth Details

Gautam Adani Net worth 124 Billion US Doller
Name Gautam Adani
Gautam Adani Net Worth In Indian Rupees 10.30 Lakh Crore
Category Trending
Monthly Income 15,000 Crore
Age 60 Yrs
Date of Birth June 24, 1962
Gender Male
Height 1.67 M (5 Feet 6 Inches)
Profession Businessman
Nationality Indian

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Gautan Adani Biography

Adani was born on June 24, 1962, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He comes from a middle-class family. His father’s name was Shantilal, and his mother’s name was Shanta Adani. Gautam Adani has seven siblings. His father used to trade clothes.

Sheth CN Vidyalaya School Enrolling

Gautam Adani attended Sheth CN Vidyalaya School before enrolling at Gujarat University for a bachelor’s degree in commerce, but he dropped out after the second year in 1978. He is the chairman and Priti Adani, Gautam Adani’s wife, and the couple have two children together: Karan Adani and Jeet Adani.

Mumbai Work

Adani left school in 1978 and went to Mumbai to work as a diamond sorter at Mahendra Brothers. In 1981, Gautam Adani took over the plastic unit of his elder brother’s business and started trading.

Primary polymers from the international market

In 1985, he began importing primary polymers from the international market and began dealing and trading internationally. After the Economic Liberalization Policy in 1991, Adani began trading textile products and metals. In 1995, the government awarded Adani the Mundra Port contract.

Largest solar bid from Solar Corporation

In the year 2020, he won the largest solar bid from Solar Corporation of India. After that, Adani Group bought 74 percent of Mumbai Airport. In the year 2021, Adani had said that he would invest 70 billion in green energy.

Report of American Research

Recently, Gautam Adani came at number three among the richest people in the world, but after the report of American research firm Hindenburg, he has now come at number 22. Adani expanded his business through this port; approximately 210 million cargo product trades take place.

Gautam Shantilal Adani business personality

This article discusses Gautan Adani wealth, biography, career, age, height, professions, and family, with step-by-step information available in the following sections.

Indian The Richest Person

Everyone is familiar with the name of the Indian richest person, Adani (full name: Gautam Shantilal Adani), who is well-known both in India and abroad for his work as an industrialist, businessman, and business personality.

Founder of the Indian multinational corporation

When it comes to Adani Business, he is the founder of the Indian multinational corporation Adani Group and the chairman of Adani Foundation.

Most Recent Information

According to the most recent information, Gautan Adani is now the richest person in India and the third richest person in the world, after Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault, after Mukesh Ambani in Asia.

Gautan Adani Birth Place, Birth Date, Family, Business

Name Gautam shantilal Adani
Birth date 24 june 1962
Birth place Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Age in 2023 60 years old
Net worth in US Doller 58 billion
Family Wife – priti adani and two son’s – karan and jeet
Businesses Adani Enterprises, adani transmission, Adani Green Energy, Adani Ports, Adani Power, Adani Wilmar, ACC Cement, Ambuja Cement, Adani gas, NDTV
Latest index in global richest person 22nd position as of February 3

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Gautam Adani Early Life, Family, & Relationship

One such name is Adani, a businessman from India who is now well-known worldwide for his accomplishments and wealth. Specifically, Adani was born on June 24, 1962, to a Gujarati Jain family.

Birth Place

His birthplace is Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India; his father, a cloth merchant, is Shantilal Adani, and his mother, Sahnataben Adani, is a homemaker.


In his family, Gautam Adani has seven siblings. In the northern part of Gujarat, Adani’s parents have relocated to Tharad.

Seth Seemanlal Nagindas Vidyalaya School in Ahmedabad

He went to the Seth Seemanlal Nagindas Vidyalaya School in Ahmedabad and graduated from Gujarat University with a degree in commerce. However, he dropped out in the second year and didn’t finish his degree because he had work commitments.

The India’s Business Tycoon

Adani is now known as India’s Business Tycoon in addition to being India’s largest industrialist. His early life inspires young people today to do good and big things in their lives. Priti Adani, an Indian dentist, philanthropist, and businesswoman, is married to Gautam Adani.

Success of Adani’s business

She has contributed to the success of Adani’s business and serves as chairperson of the Adani Foundation, which has a 1 billion net worth. Karan Adani and Jeet Adani, Gautam Adani’s two children, are working to improve their father’s business.

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Gautan Adani Business Career

In 1978, Gautam Adani moved to Mumbai as a young man. He spent two to three years at Mahendra Brothers as a diamond shortener. He then set up his own diamond brokerage business in Zaveri Bazar. In 1981, Gautam’s older brother Mansukh Adani bought a plastic business and gave Gautam the chance to run it (management work). PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) imports are the Adani family’s attempt to establish a global trade route.

Economic liberalization initiatives

He started importing raw polymers for small manufacturers in 1985. In 1988, Gautam Adani established Adani Exports Limited, which is now known as Adani Enterprises Limited. In 1991, Adani Group benefited greatly from economic liberalization initiatives. This commercial organization dealt in agricultural, textile, and metal goods.

Management of Mudra Port

In 1993, the Gujarat government outsourced the management of Mudra Port, and in 1995, Adani Group was given the contract. In 1995, he constructed the first jetty. Adani Ports & S. I. Z. Ltd. (APSEZ) has assumed responsibility for the operations that were previously managed by Mudra Port and Special Economic Zone.

APSEZ Multiple Ports

Adani Company (APSEZ) is currently the largest private operator of multiple ports. Mudra Port” is India’s biggest private-area Port, and this Port’s freight limit is 210 million tons each year. In 1996, Gautam Adani established Adani Power Limited. In the country, this company has a huge private thermal power production facility.

Gautan Adani Responsible

Who is responsible for 4620 MW? Huge Wattage). In 2006, Gautam Adani began planting seedlings. They acquired Abbot Point Port in Australia and Carmichael Cole in Queensland between 2009 and 2012. In 2019, it is estimated that Gautam Adani has a net worth of USD 1220 million. is the official address of their website.

Gautan Adani Net Worth

Net Worth (2023) 68.8 Billion (6,900 Crore US Doller)
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 5.60 Lakh Crore
Profession Businessmen
Monthly Income And Salary 15000 Crore +
Yearly Income 180000 Crore +

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Gautan Adani Net Worth Ques And Ans

Who is 1 Gautam Adani and family?

He was born on 24 June 1962 to a middle-class Jain family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His father was Shantilal and his mother was Shanti Adani. He has seven siblings and the eldest is Mansukhbhai Adani. The family migrated from the town of Tharad in northern Gujarat in search of a livelihood.

Who is the No 1 rich man in India?

Mukesh Ambani the chairman and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, has been the richest Indian for 13 consecutive years. He is currently world’s 10th richest person in the world according to Forbes. Savitri Jindal is currently India’s richest woman topping the list at 7th position.

How much Adani total loss?

The total loss in market capitalisation of all these 10 stocks in today’s session was more than Rs 50,000 crore as their combined market cap inched lower to Rs 9.58 lakh crore. The total loss in the last eight trading sessions is worth around Rs 10 lakh crore.

Is it a good time to invest in Adani?

The Hindenburg Research report has definitely soured the market mood towards Adani Group stocks in the foreseeable future. With a lot of volatility in Adani stocks due to constant divergent news, it would be advisable for risk-averse investors to stay away from these stocks till the dust settles.

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