Hindi Diwas Speech, For School Students, Teachers Short and Long Speech

Hindi Diwas Speech

Hindi Diwas Speech Hindi Diwas is all set to be commemorate across the nation on 14 September every year. This day is to celebrate & remember our ancient & mediaeval language that is Hindi. However in modern times maximum human beings use this language. In this post we are going to tell you about the significance of this day, we have by this given some speeches which are long and short, we have also specified some of the speeches in liners. To know all about Hindi Diwas Speech stay with us in this post at end.

Hindi Diwas Speech

Hindi Diwas which is also known as the day he commemorate on 14 September. This day is to observe and promote the linguistic variety of India with a focus on the Hindi language & the importance of our one of the national languages. The importance of this day is very significant & academic institutions hold scheme and teachers and applicants give a speech on the importance of Hindi on this day.

Happy Hindi Diwas 2023 Short Speech In English

We have specified the Happy Hindi Diwas 2022 Short Speech In English that will help you stand in front of many of the people. We have specified the speech paragraph by paragraph. You can also read this speech. Honourable principal, esteem teachers and all my dear friends wish you all A very happy Hindi Diwas.

On this day in 1949, It was distinct by the constituent assembly that Hindi would be the official language of the central government & to emphasize the importance of the language that is Hindi & promote the language in every approximately every year Indian have observed Hindi Diwas on 14 September since 1953.

Hindi Diwas Speech Overview

Title Hindi Diwas Speech
Year 2023
Website Click Here
Date 14 September 2023
Day Thursday
Speech Given

Hindi Diwas 2023 Long English Speech

We are here to celebrate the significance of Hindi because we are certainly aware of the fact that people of dissimilar religions live in India and different languages are spoken here. The most important thing here is that in India, we still live with each other like a family. The most beautiful thing in India is the diversity. The purpose of Hindi Day, which is being commemorate across the country on this day is to not impose this language on non-speaking states and people. The significance of this day is just to promote the language in the non-speaking & also Hindi–speaking areas. Because in the total population of India, more than half of the inhabitants speak this language and we should respect Hindi language.

Hindi Diwas Speech

Hindi Diwas Speech In English

Hindi Diwas Speech’s importance is to unite all the human beings who are Hindi speaking or non-Hindi speaking. Because this language is one of our ancient languages. Like Urdu, Persian & English many languages are included in this language. There are numerous of us Indians who feel shy about using Hindi & according to them Hindi language is the language of fools but they should not know that this tongue itself is the mother of many languages.

Hindi Diwas Speech 10 Lines

So we should respect our language. We celebrate Hindi diversity to convey the importance of Hindi in the entire country and all over the world. Many of the country’s majority languages are Hindi.

Hindi Diwas non-Hindi speaking states

The day is celebrated so that we can understand the importance of this language to the non-Hindi speaking states.

Hindi Diwas various personalities 

There are various personalities who have given various literature in Hindi languages and we should also understand that in the causes of our independence, Hindi is one of the major message languages and also the language of poets.

Hindi Diwas English And Hindi Speechs

We have also specified some of the English and Hindi speech that you can see in the below section which will help you to be on one’s feet up in wastage and say some words.

Hindi Diwas Speech Primary

If you are applicants or teacher then this speech primary or secondary school looking for go to speech to show in the in important for us.

Hindi Diwas par Speech

  • Mr. Principal, Vice Principal, guests, teachers, professors & my dear brothers and sisters present here.
  • Today I welcome you all here on this occasion of Hindi Diwas. Also, many best desire to all of you on Hindi Day.
  • Today I am feeling very proud since today I have got this opportunity to express my thoughts about Hindi Diwas to all of you and to provide information to you all about the Hindi language. How main it is for all of us Indians.
  • I hope from all of you that you certainly like my ideas.
  • Every year 14th September is commemorate as Hindi Day. The week in which Hindi Diwas is celebrated is known as Pakhwada.
  • You may not know this but Hindi language is the 3rd most spoken language in the whole world.

Hindi Diwas Celebrating Civilization

  • Celebrating Hindi Day was begin because after getting freedom from British slavery, people begin adopting English civilization as well as speaking English language, due to which the number of people speaking Hindi appear to be decreasing.
  • Although Hindi language is still spoken, today Hindi & English are spoken in a mixture.
  • Keeping this in mind, after independence, Hindi was specified the status of official language on 14 September 1949, but many non-Hindi states strongly against this, due to which along with Hindi, English language was also specified a place along with Hindi language in the Constitution. given.
  • Due to these protests, even today Hindi language has not been allowed to become an independent official language in the country & that is why Hindi Day is commemorate every year on 14 September in all schools and colleges.
  • Hindi department was also created in government offices so that the importance of Hindi language could be describe to the people and Hindi language could get a higher position. Thank you!

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Hindi Diwas Speech 2023

I am concluding here my Hindi Diwas Speech 2023 because we require to understand that Hindi is not just a means of communication. It is A source of cultural pride & heritage. Hundreds of world literature from great authors are obtainable in hindi.

Important Understand pursuing academic attentiveness

It is also important to understand that it is also helpful for those who are pursuing academic attentiveness in the field of Indian history, literature & politics. This is all about Hindi Diwas Speech. You like this post then do share with others.

Hindi Diwas Short Speech 2023

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14th September as a tribute to the Hindi language and its rich cultural heritage. In 2023, we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of this significant day.

Honors Lanugages

It was on this day in 1949 when the Constituent Assembly adopted Hindi as the official language of India. This day not only honors the language but also reminds us of our duty to preserve and promote it for future generations.

Linguistic Diversity

As we celebrate Hindi Diwas in 2023, let us take pride in our linguistic diversity and work towards preserving our national language while embracing other regional languages as well.

Hindi Diwas Long Speech

Hindi Diwas, celebrated annually on September 14th, is a significant event in India as it marks the adoption of Hindi as the official language of the country. In 2023, we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of this historic day. Hindi is not only a language but also an integral part of our culture and identity.

Instrumental History

It has been instrumental in shaping our history and serves as a unifying force for our diverse nation. As we celebrate this milestone, let us recommit ourselves to promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Hindi language and literature. Let us pledge to make Hindi accessible to all and ensure that it continues to thrive for generations to come.

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Ques & Ans Related to Hindi Diwas Speech

When is the Hindi Diwas Speech celebrated?

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14 September 2023.

What is the significance of Hindi Diwas?

This day is to promote and show the great significance of our native language.

What to write about Hindi Diwas?

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14 September and is an important national festival. By celebrating this day we remember the importance of our mother tongue Hindi and respect it. Hindi is a symbol of unity and diversity of India. This language is a symbol of patriotism, culture, and prosperity.

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