IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status, Latest GMP, Price Important Announcements & Affecting Factors

IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status

Attention all investors! The highly anticipated IRM Energy IPO has finally arrived, and the excitement is palpable. But what is an IPO, and why should you care about the allotment status? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of initial public offerings and explain why it’s crucial to stay informed about the IRM Energy IPO allotment status. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, understanding the intricacies of IPOs can help you make more informed investment decisions. So get ready to ride the wave of excitement as we explore the ins and outs of the IRM Energy IPO and its allotment status.

IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status

IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status The IPO date of IRM Energy is time table in the month of October 2023. So those who want to apply for IRM Energy IPO Can be able to apply through any trading policy. However it is not set in stone but on the basis of officials the allotment of shares will be conclude on Friday, 27 October tentatively. The company will initiate repay on the same day while the share will be ascribe to the demat account of the applicant on 30 October 2023 Monday. To know all about IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status stay with us in this post at end.

1st Meridian Business Service Limited Initial Public Offering

The first Meridian Business Service Limited 740 crore initial public offering be composed of an offer for sale in short OFS offer of 690 crore and a new matter Of  Equity shared value at 50 crore rupees. The net asset value of equity shares will be matter by IRM energy Ltd through its initial public offering. The net profits of the new issuance Will be used for general company functioning and debt repayment.

IRM Energy IPO Total Price

The company will issue its year in the month of 27 October 2023. The IRM Energy IPO Prize will be supply in the month of October 2023 and the fresh matter of 10,100,000 shares Will be issued. The total price is 50,00,00,000 rupees. However the trading company will matter the share which is the first public offering of the city gas distribution firm IRM vitality is a fresh issuance of Up to 1.01 crore.

IRM Energy IPO

The grey market is not a legitimate & regulated place to trade, The shares will be records on a national stock exchange and Bombay stock interchange. The retail shares offered are not less than 35% of the offer. The business plan as per DRHP to use the net profits for debt repayment, general corporate purposes & capital expenditure needed for the construction. The grey sell is not a legitimate and regulated place to trade & when it comes to initial public offering the grey market trading is purchasing & disposing of the impending offering at a price over the range.

IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status Overview

Title IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status
Year 2023
Website Click Here
IPO Dates October 2023
Fresh Issue 10,100,000 Shares
Face Value 10 Rupees Per Share


The premium will increase in the as it turned out of a strong demand that include & indicate the share worth more & may be purchased at the allotment price and sold for a considerable price. This indicates that the price may vary. We have also specified how you can apply for the initial public offering. However the premium will grow in the event of a strong demand.

IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status

IRM Energy IPO Date

The location that the business has prearranged is as follows that includes 50% of the supply shares that will be reserved for the qualified institutional buyers. Rather than this the retail Investors will get the remaining 35% with non-institutional investors or be given no more than 15%. The IRM Company share allocation to investors will be on condition that by the IRM energy IPO allotment.

How To Apply for an IRM Energy IPO?

Those who want to apply for IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status can be able to apply by following the specified process step-by-step-

  • First of all you have to open a brokerage account from any broker platform.
  •  Then you have to add your fund in your account.
  • The complete notification of the IPO will be provided by the broker.
  • Review the IPO prospectus carefully.
  • Now you have to check out the price & specify the number of shares and bid price.
  • Now you have to wait for the IPO allotment solution.
  • Here you have to construct payment for the allocation shares.
  • Now in your demat account
  •  monitor your investment post IPO.

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Statue

IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status

The allocation that the business has prearranged and the information on the company share allocation to investors will be on condition that by the IRM energy IPO allotment. Along with that it is also feasible that the shares were oversubscribed or distributed pro rata. You may monitor the live show of equity share on any trading platform and after that issuing sure you can also sell it according to the price allocate by the market.

IRM Energy IPO Object Of The Issue

The supporting important capital expenses of the development of the city gas appropriation network in the territory of Tamil Nadu and Tiruchirapalli is the goal of the responsible first sale of stock. So this is about IRM Energy Initial public offering Distribution Status.

Supporting Fundamental

supporting fundamental capital expenses for the development of the city gas circulation network in the Tamil Nadu geographic areas of Namakkal and Tiruchirappalli in financial years 2024, 2025, and 2026 General corporate goals, including the prepayment or reimbursement of all or a piece of any remaining borrowings got by our organization.

IRM Energy IPO Reservation

10,800,000 offers are presented in the IRM Energy Initial public offering. 3,704,400 (34.30%) to RII, 3,175,200 (29.40%) to Secure financial backers, 2,116,800 (19.60%) to QIB, 1,587,600 (14.70%) to NII, 216,000 (2.00%) to staff. 1,303 (sNII) and 2,606 (bNII) will each get at least 406 offers, while 127,737 RIIs will get at least 29 offers. ( at the point when there is a line of individuals pausing)

Total Quota %

  • Retail Quota- 35%
  • QIB Quota- 50%
  • NII Quota- 15%

IRM Energy IPO Review

IRM Energy Ltd began working in 2015 and has reliably created great outcomes. In contrast with other recorded industry contenders, the organization has created volume development at a speed of 63% and income development at a 88% CAGR somewhere in the range of FY20 and FY23. when contrasted with the typical PE valuation of 18.6x for recorded peers, as per financier organization Nirmal Bang.

Multifold Development Contenders

We are hopeful about the organization’s multifold development in contrast with different contenders since it intends to expand its volume by multiple times throughout the following four years, from 0.54 MMSCMD in FY23 to 1.51 MMSCMD in FY27E, because of various opportunities to support interest at its ongoing GAs. As per its annualized Q1FY24 EPS, the issue is esteemed at 19.3x PE, which is suitable.

Factors Affecting Allotment Status

The IRM Energy IPO allotment status can be influenced by several factors. One of the primary factors is the demand for the IPO shares, which is determined by market conditions and investor sentiment. Another critical factor is the number of shares available for allocation, which can vary depending on various circumstances such as the company’s financial situation and business outlook. Additionally, factors such as the size of the investment made by an individual, their past investment history and their overall portfolio strategy can also impact their chances of getting allotted shares in an IPO.

Important Announcements

The IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status is a crucial announcement for investors who have applied for shares in the initial public offering. It provides information about the number of shares allocated to each investor and whether their application was successful or not. Keeping track of important announcements related to the IPO is essential for investors as it can affect their investment decisions and overall portfolio performance.

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Ques & Ans Related to IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status

How to apply for IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status?

Those who want to apply for an IPO can be able to apply by following the above process.

What is the IPO size of IRM Energy IPO?

The net IPO size is 10,01, lakh shares.

When can I see my IPO allotment status?

As per the latest SEBI guidelines for the large-cap IPOs, the IPO allotment process will take at most 1 week. The registrars should release the IPO allotment as per the SEBI rules within 7 days after the IPO close.

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