Kali Puja 2023 Amavasya Date and Time, Mahurat, Puja Vidhi, Significance, Rituals, Method, Legend of Kali Puja

Kali Puja 2023

Kali Puja 2023 Kali Puja has an important significance in Hinduism. People worship maa kali prior to one day of Diwali on the day of Amawasya. Kali Puja 2023 Amavasya Date and Time is 12 November 2023 & timing is 11:39 PM to 12:30 AM and Amawasya tithi starts from 02:43 PM on 12 November 2023.

Kali Puja 2023

Hindus observe Kali Puja, otherwise called Shyama Puja, on the new moon day of Diwali. The goddess Kali is the subject of this festival. The motivation behind the puja is to invite success and drive out all awful energy. This year, Kali Puja 2023 Amawasya Date and Time are-Sunday, 12 November 2023 and Amawasya will begin from 2:43 PM. To draw in riches and flourishing into their life, lovers love Master Ganesh and the goddess Lakshmi on Diwali. The reason for Kali Puja is to drive out abhorrent spirits and get great energies and happiness. A few people notice Diwali and Kali Puja around the same time.

Kali Puja 2023Short Information

Article Kali Puja 2023
Date 12 November
Year 2023
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Kali Puja Muhurat 2023

A notable folklore expresses that Maa Kali became rankled with the corrupt human culture and intended to clear out every individual who held her up. Her life partner, Ruler Shiva, was begged by different divine beings to stop the obliteration. To keep the goddess from being annihilated, Ruler Shiva halted her course by resting. She was embarrassed when, in an attack of fury, Kali trample on him. She showed her shame by keeping quiet. Her entire rage was consumed by Ruler Shiva, who in this way saved the universe, and every last bit of her resentment vanished the moment she set foot on him.

Perhaps of the most worshiped goddess in Hinduism is Kali. She is wild, mindful, and an image of triumph. Kali puja is finished to annihilate one’s negative self and all types of shamelessness that obstruct the achievement of profound satisfaction. Loving Goddess Kali makes life more joyful, prosperous, and positive.

Kali Puja 2023

Kali Puja Method 2023

Offerings are made to the goddess at the Brahmanic puja of Goddess Kali, which is observed according to Hindu custom. Kali Maa is also referred to as the “Adya Shakti Kali” in Hindu tradition. The festival of Kali Puja is observed with zeal and tremendous fervor. There are two methods to celebrate it: Tantric and Brahmanic.

Visitors to temples exchange Happy Kali Puja greetings, perform pujas at home, and set up enormous Kali Puja Pandals in public spaces. It is the celebration of social events, colors, spirituality, and faith.To appease the goddess, the Tantrik Puja uses mantras at midnight. The crimson color, skulls, hibiscus flowers, blood, red vermillion, and animal sacrifice are all part of the Kali Puja Vidhi.

Kali Puja Timing 2023

One of the types of the goddess Durga is Goddess Kali. The Hindu schedule expresses that Kali Puja is finished on Amavasya, the day preceding Diwali. During Diwali, most of individuals love Goddess Lakshmi. During Navratri and Dussehra, Goddess Durga’s all’s indications are regarded. In the eighteenth 100 years, Raja Krishnachandra, the Ruler of Navadvipa, advocated the Kali puja. Nishitha time is from 11:39 PM to 12:30 AM and Amawasya tithi begins from 02:43 PM on 12 November 2023. The sixteenth century saw the presentation of Kali Puja by a master by the name of Krishnananda Agamavagisha, as per old sources.

Puja Vidhi

The lovers clean their homes and brighten the put of love on Kali Puja day. They keep Nirjala Vrat as well. It is accepted that red hibiscus is Maa Kali’s #1 bloom, subsequently, she is covered with delightful red wreaths of hibiscus. Then, at that point, the Prasad to be proposed to Maa Kali is ready. Maa Kali is offered a prasad of Khichuri bhog, Niramish Mangsho ( lamb without onion and garlic), Fish Curry, Payesh and Bhaja (seared squanders). This prasad is presented as a mool bhog to the god. Penance or Bali of leafy foods is likewise a notable custom in the celebration. In certain spots, even liquor is presented as a piece of the prasad to Maa Kali and afterward is dispersed among the enthusiasts as Charnamrit. The Kali Puja is performed and the fans serenade Kali Mantra and discuss different bhajans in recognition of Maa Kali.

Legend of Kali Puja

As per the legend, when the divine beings lost a fight with the devils, Goddess Kali was brought into the world from the temple of Goddess Durga to stop malevolence and save the earth. For that reason Kali is accepted to be the embodiment of Shakti (female power). The killing of the evil spirits expanded Maa Kali’s blood desire which grabbed hold and she began killing anybody she felt entirely misunderstood done anything. She likewise moved so angrily that the earth shuddered underneath her. She could be possibly come by Ruler Shiva when he mediated and set down before her as a youngster. In workmanship, Kali is frequently portrayed with her tongue hanging out, portraying the second when she understood she had remained on Master Shiva and her fury died down.

Kali Puja Rituals

Kali puja lovers adored Goddess Kali at home by making tremendous mud forms and putting away them in pandals, or brief sanctums. Around evening time, red hibiscus blossoms, creature blood in a skull, desserts, rice and lentils, fish, and meat, as well as Tantric customs and mantras, ought to be utilized to venerate Kali. Aficionados should reflect until the break of first light. Inside Brahmanical houses, the Goddess Kali is venerated as Adya Shakti Kali. Food and treats comprise of rice, lentils, and natural products.

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Shyama Puja Significance 2023

This occasion respects Goddess Kali, who is worshipped for her savagery, immovability, and dedication, and her strong ladylike power. Kali Puja, which respects Goddess Kali, one of Maa Durga’s fiercest and most remarkable manifestations, represents the triumph of equity over evil, making her an image of boldness, strength, and insurance.  Goddess Kali is much of the time seen with a dim coloring and wearing a festoon of skulls, meaning the last victory of truth over insidious powers.

On 12 November 2023 upon the arrival of Amawasya individuals perform puja before one day of Diwali. There is a faith in fans of Goddess that on this day they will offer all their procuring and abundance before Goddess Kali and they will utilize it in the wake of taking her consent. Goddess will safeguard their abundance and cash and open every one of the locked entryways of abundance which is likewise referenced in Saptshati and other strict books.

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Ques & Ans Related to Kali Puja 2023

What is the real date of Kali Puja?

Kali Puja takes place between October and November during the new moon of the Hindu month of Kartik. This year, it takes place on November 12.

Which Amavasya is good for Kali Puja?

It is celebrated on the new moon day (Dipannita Amavasya) of the Hindu calendar month of Ashwayuja (according to the amanta tradition) or Kartika (according to the purnimanta tradition).

What is the timing of Amavasya for Kali Puja?

Kali Puja 2023 date is 12 November 2023, Sunday. Here are the details for Kali Puja Muhurat and Puja timings: Kali Puja Nishita Time – 11:39 PM (12 November) to 12:32 AM (13 November) Amavasya Tithi Time: 02:43 PM on 12 November.

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