Parag Desai Biography, Career, Education, Family, Net Worth, Death Short Information

Parag Desai Biography

Parag Desai Biography The one who started Wagh Bakri’s and presented it with progress is Parag Desai. His vocation is a commemoration to the strength of relentless purpose and constant exertion and a story of pioneering soul. A money manager, Parag Desai, was well eminent for filling in as the tea organization’s leader chief. On October 22, 2023, the organization unfortunately lost its crown gem. Subsequent to imploding outside his home, Parag Desai experienced a cerebrum discharge and died. He was strolling in the first part of the day when he was battered by homeless canines. In spite of the fact that he was hospitalized, it had been past the point of no return.

Parag Desai Biography

As per the authority site of the business, Parag Desai has a master’s degree in business from Long Island College in the US. He dealt with the business, promoting, and send out divisions, assuming a significant part in the group. Mr. Desai was an essential individual from a family with a long history in the tea business; his dad, Rasesh Desai, was the overseeing head of the Wagh Bakri Tea Gathering. Rasesh Desai, a third-age splendid business visionary who was brought into the world in 1947, was imperative in transforming Wagh Bakri into the third greatest bundled tea business in India.

Parag Desai Biography Short Information

Full name Parag Desai
Age 49 years old
Death date 22 October 2023
Profession Businessman (Executive Director of Wagh Bakri Tea)
Nationality Indian
Education MBA from Long Island University(USA)
Website Click Here
Organization Wagh Bakri
Net worth nowadays ₹2000 crore

Parag Desai Family

Rasesh Desai and his wife Nita Desai present with birth to Parag Desai. The managing director of the business was his father, Wagh Bakri. Paras Desai, one of Parag Desai’s brothers, is the organization’s administrative director. Vidisha Desai was the wife of Parag Desai. Parisha, one of the couple’s daughters, was born.

Parag Desai Biography

Parag Desai Education

At St. Xavier’s High School in Ahmedabad, Parag Desai finished his education. He proceeded toward his H.L. College of Commerce diploma. After finishing his further education, Parag Desai achieve an MBA from Long Island University in the United States. He oversaw the group’s sales, marketing and sell overseas divisions.

Parag Desai Career

He has worked for various notable creation organizations, including Viacom 18, Ajay Devgn Movies, T-Series, Eros Worldwide, and some more. He added to other Hollywood creations, including Knight and Day, Symbol, Rio, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Chipwrecked, Specialist Unusual, and Coco. The group of Parag Desai was only mindful of tea when they previously moved to India, yet they had enormous plans as a top priority. Afterward, his granddad opened a chai business under Wagh Bakri subsequent to getting a thought from the conditions. What’s more, today I’m gradually chipping away at it. Under Parag Desai’s guidelines, Wagh Bakri has become one of India’s top chai brands.

Parag was the top of the organization’s business, showcasing and trade divisions. He chipped away at sending off tea parlors and reinforcing the computerized and web-based entertainment presence of the organization. He utilized inventive advertising, marking and bundling systems and got an honor from the Ahmedabad The board Relationship for this. He additionally dealt with growing the business by presenting items like chilled tea and espresso. He likewise used to function as a tea tester and evaluator. He was remember for the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

He used to taste 700 cups of tea consistently. In a meeting, he said that when he was on a get-away with his family in 1990, he sold the first pack of his tea in quite a while. While he was there, he understood that the Indians living in the nation used to purchase tea however were approached to purchase 20 kg least so he considered selling 5 kg tea sacks there. His thought was executed when he visit a supermarket, met a Gujarati man and offered his tea to him. He sold his tea sack in the UK too. In the UK, he saw numerous Gujarati migrants from Uganda who preferred drinking Indian tea.

Wagh Bakri’s Success

Wagh Bakri, a business that was establish in 1892, saw a fantastic circle back under the bearing of Parag Desai. While respecting the brand’s rich inheritance and center standards, he integrate contemporary business strategies. Wagh Bakri’s worldwide reach was expanded thanks to his imaginative reasoning, and the organization is currently notable in India as well as in numerous different countries.

All in all, Parag Desai was an extraordinary finance manager who present his privately-run company with incredible distinction. Its demise is likewise an incredible distress for his family and company since they lost a jewel. He administered the organization’s change into tea lounges and web based shopping as one of the two leader chiefs on the association’s board. In India, he opened in excess of 70 tea bistros and tea universes.

Parag Desai Wagh Bakri tea net worth

The Wagh Bakri Tea Gathering is right now one of the main FMCG organizations. Narandas Desai made Wagh Bakri in 1980, his family actually runs the organization today. Parag Desai joined his privately-run company’s in 1990, and under his course, Wagh Bakri’s income crossed Rs. 1500 crore. There is no exact data accessible about Parag Desai’s total assets. Notwithstanding, as indicated by the organization’s true site, Wagh Bakri Tea Gathering conveys in excess of 50 million kg of tea every year and has an income of over Rs. 2000 crore.

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Parag passed on 22 October 2023 because of a cerebrum drain at Zydus Clinic, Gujarat. On 15 October 2023, some road canines went after him while he was on a morning walk. He attempted to escape from the canines and tumbled down after which he endured wounds on his head. He was quickly taken to Shelby Clinic after the safety officer inform the family about the occurrence. He was hold under perception for one day and was move to Zydus Emergency clinic for medical procedure later. He was save on a ventilator for seven days yet he pass on 22 October 2023. His last rituals were direct at the Thaltej crematorium. Shaktisinh Gohil, Rajya Sabha MP and Gujarat Congress boss communicate sympathies on Parag’s demise and composed on X.


  • Wagh Bakri finished 100 years in 2020. The company is famous for its logo which is very unique. It shows a tiger that be elect by the British and a goat that represents Indians drinking tea from the same cup.
  • When Parag joined the company, its worth was Rs. 100 crore. In 2023, the company had a turnover of Rs. 2,000 crore. The company also give out over 50 million kg of tea. It works across 24 Indian states and exports to 60 countries.
  • He liked travelling and was very attentive in wildlife. He used to participate in many sustainability projects.
  • He was related with charity groups like the Blind People’s Association (BPA) and Jivdaya Charitable Trust, which runs an animal hospital in Ahmedabad.

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How much settlement did Parag get?

Agarwal is now expect to be paid $42 million as he has been terminate within 12 months of a change in control at the social media company, research firm Equilar had earlier report. One of the executives who was fire was escort out of Twitter’s office,” the New York Times report said.

How did Parag Desai fall?

Parag Desai, the executive director of Wagh Bakri Group. Wagh Bakri Tea Group executive director Parag Desai died at a private hospital in Ahmedabad on Sunday days after he suffered a head injury when he fell while warding off stray dogs.

Why did Desai resign?

Controversial trials of prominent Congress leaders, including Indira Gandhi over Emergency-era abuses worsened the fortunes of his administration. In 1979, Raj Narain and Charan Singh pulled out of the Janata Party, forcing Desai to resign from office and retire from politics.

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