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Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date Their 1st sea exploration mission is to be launch by India, named Samudra Yaan. Within this mission, three people will be sent in a submarine name is Matsya 6000. The aim of this mission will be to go 6 kilometers under the sea & find the assets present there as well as help in mapping. we are going to give you all the information related to the Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

It is being tell that India has just make ready its new super advance submarine name Matsya 6000 for the Samudra Vaan mission. The main objective of this mission is to travel over the unexplored ocean for which the specialist are going to go 6 kilometers below the sea. We are going to find out the level & all the resources present there and advance mapping will be do with the assist of technology. If you are interest in the Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date then please read this object till the end.

As you all know India is neighbouring by sea on three sides & hence the government wants India’s blue economy to grow as quickly as feasible. More than 30% of the population lives in littoral areas. It is being said that the Government of India has keep the budget of this mission more than Rs 4000 crore. This mission will be full in 5 years which there will be 2 phases, the 1st phase will be of 3 years and the second phase will be of 2 years. The date of 29 October 2023 has been choose as the Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date.

Mission Samudrayaan Launch Schedule

As all of you know the Samudra Yaan Mission was simply declare by the Public Organization of Sea Innovation in which they tell that the Public authority of India is presently going to put resources into the investigation of the sea alongside space and in this Rs 4000 crore will be give for the mission in 5 years. Mission Samudrayaan Send off Timetable has been declare, as indicate by which this mission will begin on 29 October 2023 and the send off will likewise be display on television.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date Overview

Article Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date
Organization National Institute of Ocean Technology
Event Sea Exploration Mission Launch
Vehicle Matasya 6000
Date 29th October 2023
Mission Span 5 Years
Budget 4000+ Crore
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Mission Samudrayaan Launch Vehicle

There is a ton of conversation in the country about the ventures being make by the public authority in the area of science. Presently Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1 missions have been finish and the public authority will burn through 4,000 crores on the Samudra Yaan mission. It is being inform that this mission plans to find the assets present inside the ocean. For the people who don’t have the foggiest idea about the name of Mission Samudrayaan Send off Vehicle, we might want to let them know that it is Matsya 6000 create by the Public Foundation of Style Innovation.

Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

Mission Samudrayaan Director

Over 30% of individuals’ homes rely upon the ocean since India is encircle via ocean on three sides and over 30% individuals live in beach front regions and accomplish ocean related work. To support India’s economy, we really want to investigate this ocean. To that end the Public authority of India, in a joint effort with the Public Establishment of Style Innovation, sent off Mission Samudra Yaan in which a speculation of Rs 4,000 crore was make. As indicate by the data, the Head of this Mission Samudrayaan is Jitendra Singh.

Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Objectives

  • Check the Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Objectives in the points below.
  • First of all, this mission aims to Mine Polymetallic Nodules from the 75,000 SqKM Area in the Central Indian Ocean Basin.
  • It also aims to do the Research Work on the formations of Climate Change.
  • It also aims to set up the Tidal Energy Plant which can work for multiple years.
  • Apart from this, MATSYA 6000 (Submarine) will carry 3 Oceanauts in the Sea Bed and all of them will perform the research work over there.
  • Moreover, Matsya 6000 also aims to perform regular operations for 12 Hours.

Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Details

  • The Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Details are discussed in the available points below and you must read them to get the information.
  • First of all, it is the first Crew Mission of India in the Deep Sea Exploration and it will carry 3 Oceanauts.
  • Secondly, this mission has been launched to collect the Polymetallic Nodules from the Sea bed and it will cover the Area of 6000 Sqm in the Sea Bed.
  • As per information coming to us, 10% of the PMN can utilise the Energy Needs of India for next 100 Years.
  • Apart from this, many other procedures will be performed by the Samudrayaan and Oceanauts.

MATSYA 6000 Features

  • Check the MATSYA 6000 Features in the mention points & then you can get to know about the Submarine.
  • First of all, Matsya 6000 comprises multiple Payloads & is capable of carrying 3 oceanauts in the Deep Sea Exploration Mission.
  • MATSYA 6000 Submarine can carry out operations for 12 Hours continuous and in emergency cases, it can perform the operations for 96 Hours.
  • Trial of MATSYA 6000 has been do near Chennai & it went 600 Metres deep down in the Sea.
  • After that, they have established the Mission and it will be launch soon deep into the sea.

Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Budget

Mission Samudrayaan Mission 2023
Ministry Ministry of Earth Sciences
Minister Dr Jitendra Singh
Type of Mission Manned Mission
Total Explorers in the Submarine 3 Oceanauts
Area to be Explored Central Indian Ocean Basin
Developed by Indian Institute of Ocean Technology
Submarine Name MATSYA 6000
Capable of Going 6 Km Down the Sea Surface
Endurance 12 Hours continuous Operation and Emergency Endurance of 96 Hours
Programme Launched in 2018
Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Launch Date October 2023
Samudrayaan Mission 2023 Budget Rs 8,000 Crore
Duration of the Mission 5 Years
Samudrayaan 2023 Mission Objective To Collect Polymetallic Nodule

Deep Ocean Mission 2023 Launch Date

  • The Deep Ocean Mission 2023 was set afloat by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in 2018.
  • Indian Institute of Ocean Technology has developed the Samudrayaan 2023 Mission which is have the ability to of going 6 Km deep in the sea.
  • This mission has been allocate the wholesome budget of Rs 8000 Crore which will be spent on the Deep Sea Exploration Mission 2023.
  • You should keep an eye on this post for all the new updates regarding the Samudrayaan 2023 Mission.

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Mission Samudrayaan Launch Venue

29 October 2023 is vital for India on the grounds that on this day India’s very memorable sea investigation mission will be sent off, name Samudra Yaan. Under this mission, our specialists will go 6 kilometers beneath the ocean and figure out the assets present there. The submarine utilize in this mission has been try in the Cove of Bengal and Chennai. Mission Samudrayaan Send off Setting has not been report at this point because of safety purposes.

Mission Samudrayaan Launch Live Streaming

As all of you know India’s Public Establishment of Style Innovation and Service of Earth Assets have mutually declare the Tea Investigation Mission, which will be Sent off on 29 October 2023. Talks are happening the nation over in regards to this mission and individuals likewise need to see the send off of this mission. As per the data, you will actually want to watch Mission Samudrayaan Send off Live Web based on YouTube, TV, and numerous OTT stages.

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Ques & Ans Related to Samudrayaan Mission Launch Date

What is the objective of the Samudrayaan 2023 Mission?

This mission aims to collect Polymetallic Nodules from the Sea Bed.

When will this mission be Launch?

29th October 2023.

How much money is use in this mission?

4000 Crore.

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