Shehzaan Khan Dancer Biography, Lifestyle, Career, Achievements

Shehzaan Khan Dancer Biography

Shehzaan Khan Dancer Biography He also known as the Patiala Boy, is a gifted dancer from Mumbai, India, born in 1996. He has gained immense fashionableness on social media due to his impressive dance skills & better looks. His fame soared after a viral video of his dance to the song ‘Laung da Lashkara’ from the movie Patiala House. He now has a global fan base and manage dance workshops in top studios.

Shehzaan Khan Dancer Biography

Shehzaan Khan, known as the Patiala Boy, is a rising star in the Indian dance & choreography industry. Born in 1996 in Mumbai, India, he catch the hearts of millions with his captivating dance moves and charming persona. Shehzaan gained general recognition after his dance performance to the song ‘Laung da Lashkara’ from the movie Patiala House went viral, earning him the title of ‘National Patiala Boy.’ With a rapidly get bigger global fan base, he now conducts dance workshops at leading studios.

Shehzaan Khan Dancer Biography Nick Name

Name Shehzaan Khan
Weight 76 Kg
Nick Name National Patiala Boy
Date of Birth 15 July 1996
Age 27 Years (Age as on July 2023)
Birth Place Mumbai, Maharashtra
Profession Dancer
Education Graduate
Height 5’8″
Website Click Here
Religion Islam

Shehzaan Khan Dancer Lifestyle

Shehzaan Khan Dancer leads a vibrant way of life as an aspiring dancer and choreographer. With a dedication to mastering various dance forms, he spends countless hours rehearsing and pushing his creative boundaries. His passion for dance since childhood has propelled him to become a background danseur in Bollywood films like “Jagga Jasoos,” “Stree,” “Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi,” “Laal Kaptaan,” and “Malang.” However, it was his viral choreography on “Laung da Lashkara” that earned him widespread recognition, awards & a massive fan following. Despite his rising fame, Shehzaan remains carry out to inspiring others through dance competitions & showcases. Featured in Forbes India’s “30 under 30” list in 2022, his journey portrays dedication, talent & a bright future ahead.

Shehzaan Khan Dancer Biography

Shehzaan Khan Career

Shehzaan Khan got direction from eminent dance teachers and dominated different dance structures like old style, contemporary, and Bollywood. His devotion and difficult work were unparalleled, going through endless hours leveling up his abilities and investigating recent fads. Shehzan’s huge break came when he partook in a dance rivalry on television. He intrigued the crowd and judges with his specialized ability and close to home articulation, winning the opposition. This triumph carried him into the spotlight, prompting energizing open doors in media outlets.

Shehzaan Khan Achievement

Shehzaan Khan, known as the Public Patiala Kid, has made extraordinary progress as an artist. His movement on the melody ‘Laung da Lashkara’ turned out to be inconceivably well known and made him a star. He was perceived for his ability by being highlighted in Forbes India’s 30 under 30 rundown in 2022 and winning the Filmfare grant for Best Movement for a similar tune. Shehzaan’s great successes in dance contests and his energy for moving since early on proceed to motivate and engage individuals all over the place.

Shehzaan Khan’s Movies & Songs

Shehzaan Khan has made his presence felt in the two motion pictures and music recordings. In the entertainment world, he showed up in motion pictures like “Jagga Jasoos,” “Stree,” “Blissful Phir Bhag Jayegi,” “Laal Kaptaan,” and “Malang,” exhibiting his ability as a foundation artist. Also, Shehzaan has been important for different well known melodies, including “Dilbar,” “Aankh Maarey,” “Nashe Si Chadh Gayi,” “Tera Boycott Jaunga,” and “Tujhe Kitna Chahte Hain,” where his moving abilities and mystique sparkled splendidly. His commitments in the two mediums have added to his developing ubiquity and acknowledgment in media outlets.

Song Name Release Year
Dilbar 2018
Aankh Maarey 2018
Nashe Si Chadh Gayi 2019
Tera Ban Jaunga 2020
Tujhe Kitna Chahte Hain 2021
Movie Name Release Year
Jagga Jasoos 2017
Stree 2018
Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi 2018
Laal Kaptaan 2019
Malang 2020

 Shehzaan Khan Movies and Videos

  • Jagga Jasoos in 2017
  • Stree in 2018
  • Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi in 2018
  • Laal Kaptaan in 2019
  • Malang in 2020
  • Dilbar in 2018
  • Aankh Maarey in 2018
  • Nashe Si Chadh Gayi in 2019
  • Tera Ban Jaunga in 2020
  • Tujhe Kitna Chahte Hain in 2021

Dancer Shehzaan Khan Achievements

Shehzan left on an excursion to exhibit his ability on public and worldwide stages. His jolting exhibitions left crowds enchanted, procuring him broad approval and solicitations to perform at renowned occasions and celebrations across the world. Throughout the long term, Shehzan has teamed up with driving choreographers, chiefs, and performers, solidifying his situation as a flexible artist who can consistently adjust to any style or type. His capacity to pass feelings on through his developments and dazzle crowds with his stage presence has procured him a devoted fan following.

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Shehzaan Khan Journey as a dancer

Shehzan’s journey as an artist has been loaded up earnestly, difficult work, and a faithful enthusiasm for his craft. Continuously taking a stab at greatness, he keeps on pushing the limits of his inventiveness, continually investigating new roads and provoking himself to arrive at new levels. Past his remarkable abilities as an artist, Shehzan is likewise a donor who has utilized his foundation to have a beneficial outcome on society. He effectively advocates for the schooling and strengthening of oppressed youngsters, accepting that dance and human expressions can be an incredible asset for social change. As Shehzan Khan keeps on captivating crowds with his exceptional style and remarkable ability, he stays a motivation hoping for artists, advising them that with commitment, versatility, and an adoration for the work of art, dreams can be transformed into the real world.

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Ques & Ans Related to Shehzaan Khan Dancer Biography

Who is Shehzaan Khan?

Shehzaan Khan, also known as the Patiala Boy, is a talented dancer and choreographer from Mumbai, India. He gained immense popularity on social media for his impressive dance skills and charming personality.

What brought Shehzaan Khan Dancer into the spotlight?

Shehzaan’s fame soared after a viral video of his dance to the song ‘Laung da Lashkara’ from the movie Patiala House became popular on social media.

What is Shehzaan Khan’s age?

Shehzaan Khan was born on July 15, 1996, making him currently 27 years old as of August 2023.

Has Shehzaan Khan won any dance competitions?

Yes, he has won numerous dance competitions, including Zee TV’s reality show “Dance India Dance Li’l Masters” in 2010.

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