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UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24

UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24 The state government and central government launch various plan to help farmers from time to time. So that farmers can double their income by taking upper hand of government schemes and live a better life. Recently, the UP government publish a scheme to help farmers in the state with the name of UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24 Calendar.

UP Ganna Parchi 2024

An online portal has been set afloat by the up state government to help the farmers who grow sugarcane in the up state. Farmers have no require to go anywhere to get notification about sugar cane because, by using this portal, they can get all the notification about the UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24 Calendar and other information with the help of the internet. They can also get information regarding the survey, toll payment, slip, development information, etc. They can entrance the portal by visiting the official site of this portal, which is caneup.in Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023–24. The UP government has also set afloat an app also to help the farmers so that they can save their time & money.

UP Ganna Parchi 2024 Short Information

Name of the article UP Ganna Parchi 2023
Name of the scheme Ganna Parchi Calendar
Satte UP
Scheme launched in 2023
Launched by Up Government
Beneficiary Sugarcane farmers
UP Ganna Rate 2023-24 350-450 Per Quintal
Objective of scheme To create transparency in process
Sugarcane Calendar 2023–24 Online
Related department Sugarcane development department and sugar industry
Year 2023-24
Website caneup.in

To check Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Calendar

The Uttar Pradesh government made the sugarcane entry caneup.in with the objective of convenient installment of sugarcane deals and different interests for the ranchers developing the yield. The express’ all’s sugarcane ranchers can utilize this gateway, so ranchers will approach all of this data on the web. There is a great deal of data accessible on cultivating. In this article, we will talk about momentarily UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24 Schedule, caneup.in Ganna Rate 2023-24, UP Sugarcane Parchi Status Actually look at 2023-24, Direct connection to check caneup.in Parchi 2023-24 Schedule.

UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24

Uttar Pradesh Ganna Rate 2024

The Up government has reported that the UP Ganna Rate 2023-24 will be Rs 350 to Rs 450 for each quintal. Last year, the public authority raised the Rs. 25 edge on the expense. Last year, sugarcane costs expanded from Rs. 315 to Rs. 340 for every quintal. The UP government might expand the sugarcane value this year too. In the event that there are any progressions in the value, we will refresh our site. Remain associated with our site to be quick to be aware of the progressions in the cost of sugar stick.

Objective of UP Ganna Parchi 2024

The UP government has sent off this UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24 Schedule to help the sugarcane ranchers in the UP state. The target of the Caneup.in Ganna Parchi 2023-24 is to give every one of the connected subtleties to the ranchers about the offer of sugarcane. Obviously, ranchers needed to deal with numerous issues in getting installment for sugarcane, and they needed to visit the public authority office seriously to get the subtleties of the installment and to tackle the issue. Remembering this issue, the UP government has sent off a web-based entry to see the UP Sugarcane Schedule 2023-24, through which they can get all the connected data by utilizing the web. They can help every one of the subtleties by visiting the entrance through the authority site, caneup.in.

Up E Ganna Parchi 2024

The UP government has also set afloat an app to help farmers in the UP state. The app is named E Ganna Parchi. All the farmers can login this app from the Play Store on their mobile phones. Once the app is login on your mobile device, fill in the required details in this app. Now you can access all the need details through the app.

UP Ganna Parchi Benefits

This incentive from the UP government will help the sugar cane farmers in many ways. Now it is uncomplicated for them to get all the details regarding the sugarcane crop without moving anywhere. Have a look at the below benefits.

  • By using the Uttar Pradesh Ganna Parachi Calendar 2023-24, farmers can save their time & money.
  • Farmers do not need to visit government offices to get particular related to sugarcane.
  • They can entrance the portal by using the internet.
  • They can get particular about last-year payments, weights, last-year records, etc. from the portal.
  • More than 50 lakh farmers will get interest from this portal.
  • An app, the UP E Ganna Parchi app, has also been publish by the government and can be downloaded on mobile so that farmers can visit the portal on mobile too.
  • Through this portal, the problems & queries related to the sugarcane crop will also be solved by the government.
  • A valid UP Sugarcane Calendar 2023–24 will be given to the farmers with all the particular of the basic quota and sugarcane slip.
  • Now farmers are free from the fear of losing the caneup.in Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023–24 as they can entrance it through this portal.
  • This portal will bring transparency to the process.
  • The notification for the UP Sugarcane Parchi 2023–2024 Calendar will be sent on mobile so that fraud cannot happen in between.

Sugarcane crushing will start from the first week of November

Sugarcane crushing will begin in the sugar mills of Moradabad, UP from the last week of October or the first week of November, all 22 mills of the division are preparing for the latest sugarcane crushing season, 8 lakh farmers supply sugarcane to the other side of the division, about 5 Seasonal sugarcane cultivation has been done on hectares of land. the area under sugarcane has grow this year compared to last year.

PM Kisan KYC, Beneficiary Status

UP Agriculture Update 2024

Name district  Name sugar mill   Website
Saharanpur Deoband www.kisaan.net
Sarsawa (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Nanauta (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Gagnoli www.bhlcane.com
Shermau www.kisaan.net
Muzaffarnagar Mansoorpur www.krishakmitra.com
Khatauli www.kisaan.net
Rohana www.kisaan.net
morna (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
titavi www.kisaan.net
Tikaula www.kisaan.net
aging www.bhlcane.com
Khaikhedi www.kisaan.net
Shamli the heat www.kisaan.net
police station building www.bhlcane.com
Shamli www.kisaan.net
meerut Sakouti www.kisaan.net
Daurala www.kisaan.net
Mawana www.kisaan.net
legal www.bhlcane.com
Naglamal www.kisaan.net
baghpat Ramala (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Malakpur www.kisaan.net
Ghaziabad Modinagar www.kisaan.net
Hapur Simbhavali www.kisaan.net
Brajnathpur www.kisaan.net
Bulandshahr Anupshahar (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
pioneer www.kisaan.net
sabitgarh www.kisaan.net
Bijnor Dhampur www.krishakmitra.com
Syohara www.kisaan.net
Bijnor www.wavesuger.com
Chandpur www.pbsfoods.in
Snehrod (co-operative) www.upsugarfed.org
Bahadurpur www.kisaansoochna.dwarikesh.com
Barkatpur www.kisaan.net
the point www.kisaansoochna.dwarikesh.com
Bilai www.bhlcane.com
Amroha Chandanpur www.kisaan.net
archer www.wavecane.in
Gajraula (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Moradabad Raninagal www.kisaan.net
bilari www.shreeajudhiasugar.com/
Agwanpur www.dewansugarsindia.com
Belvada www.kisaan.net
Careful Asmouli www.krishakmitra.com
Rajpura www.krishakmitra.com
Rampur Bilaspur www.upsugarfed.org
Mr.Narayanpur www.kisaan.net
Karimganj www.kisaan.net
pilibhit pilibhit www.lhsugar.in
Bisalpur (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Puranpur (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Barkheda www.bhlcane.com
Bareilly bahedi www.kisaan.net
Semikhera (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Mirganj www.krishakmitra.com
Nawabganj www.oswalsugar.com
Faridpur www.kisaansoochna.dwarikesh.com
Badaun Bisauli www.kisaan.org
Badaun (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Kasganj Nyoli www.kisaan.org
Shahjahanpur fast www.kisaan.net/
Tihar (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Nigohi www.kisaan.net
Maqsudapur www.bhlcane.com
puvayan (cooperative) http://www.upsugarfed.org/
Hardoi Rupapur www.dsclsugar.com
Hariyawa www.dsclsugar.com
lonnie www.dsclsugar.com
Lakhimpur Circle www.bhlcane.com
Aira www.kisaan.net
Palia www.bhlcane.com
Belraya (cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Sampoornanagar (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Ajbapur www.dsclsugar.com
Khambharkheda www.bhlcane.com
Kumbhi www.bcmlcane.com
Gularia www.bcmlcane.com
Sitapur Hargaon www.kisaan.net
twentieth www.gannakrishak.in
Mahmudabad (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Ramgarh www.kisaan.net
Jawaharpur www.kisaan.net
Farrukhabad Karimganj www.upsugarfed.org
barabanki Haidergarh www.bcmlcane.in/kisaan-suvidha
faizabad Rojagaon www.bcmlcane.in/kisaan-suvidha
Motinagar www.kisaan.net
Ambedkar Nagar Mizoda www.bcmlcane.in/kisaan-suvidha
Sultanpur (Cooperative) Sultanpur www.upsugarfed.org
Gonda datauli www.bcmlcane.in
Kundarkhi www.bhlcane.in
maijapur www.bcmlcane.in
Bahraich Jarvalroad www.kisaan.net
Nanpara (Cooperative) www.upsugarfed.org
Chilvariya www.kisaan.net
Parsendi www.parlesugar.com
Balrampur Balrampur ______
Tulsipur www.bcml.in
wheat flour www.bhlcane.in
colony Babhnan www.bcmlcane.in
Walterganj www.bhlcane.com
Rudhauli www.bhlcane.com
Maharajganj Siswa Bazaar www.kisaan.net
Gedora www.jhvsugar.in/
Deoria Pratappur www.bhlcane.com
Kushinagar Hata www.kisaan.net
Kaptanganj www.kisaan.net
the pit www.kisaan.net
Ramkola (P.) www.kisaan.net
Sewerhi www.kisaan.net
soft Ghosi www.upsugarfed.org
Azamgarh co-operatives www.upsugarfed.org

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Ques & Answer Related to UP Ganna Parchi 2024

Where can I get information regarding sugarcane Ganna Parchi 2024?

You can get all the information regarding sugarcane Ganna Parchi 2023–24 on its official website, caneup.in.

What is the process for UP Ganna Parchi Status Check 2024?

The complete process for UP Ganna Parchi Status Check 2023-24 has been provided in the post above.

What will the UP Ganna Rate 2024?

The UP Ganna Rate 2023-24 will be between Rs 350 to Rs 450 per quintile.

Who has launched the UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24 Calendar?

The Up government has launched the UP Ganna Parchi 2023-24 Calendar.

When is the caneup.in Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023–24 released?

The caneup.in Ganna Parchi Calendar 2023–24 was released in 2023.

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