World Test Championship 2023 ICC Test Championship Final Result

World Test Championship 2023

World Test Championship:- A maximum of 120 points may be achieved in the World Test Championship. Sri Lanka has a 53.33 percent chance of winning, while India has a 52.08 percent chance of winning, making the two nations evenly matched. The ICC World Test Championship schedule, point standings, rankings, and other important statistics may all be found here World Test Championship. The ICC established the World Test Championship to reignite interest in Test matches. New Zealand defeated India in the World Test Championship finals recently, bringing the inaugural season to a close. On August 4, 2021, countries from all around the world competed in the Second ICC World Test Championship.

Those who World Test Championship underperform will have a golden opportunity to improve now. Three of the six series will be played at home, while three will be played away, for a total of six series. The World Test Championship will award points in a variety of ways. Thanks to Hey, the World Test Championship cycle may get off to a great start. Based on the average point, the order of all teams in the points table will be determined. The top two teams in the ICC World Test Championship standings will face off in the final. This year at the ICC World Test Championship, slow overrates will be punished. Your score will be reduced by one point.

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