CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus 2024, Check Subjects-Wise Deleted Topics, Download Revised Syllabus

CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus 2024

CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus 2024 The Central Board of Secondary Education cut down the Class 10 Syllabus in all subjects by 30% for the 2023 session. The board has distinct to retain the same changes for the current academic session as well. With the reduction in CBSE Class 10 Syllabus, students now have to learning less syllabus as contrast to previous years. The new CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 not only contrast the burden on students but also promotes practical learning through various topics enrichment activities.

CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus 2024

We have on condition that the subject-wise deleted syllabus for CBSE Class 10 that will be relevant for the current academic session (2023-24). By going through the CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus, students of Class 10 will be able to know the names of chapters & topics which are not a part of the CBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2023-24. While referring to the old textbooks or previous years’ question papers, Applicants must keep in mind the deleted part of the syllabus to avoid confusion. Getting familiar with the CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus 2023-24 will ensure you do not read or make ready irrelevant content during your board exam preparations. Follow the latest editions of the Class 10 textbooks & new CBSE Class 10 Syllabus to keep you modernize with the new curriculum details & be on the right track while you make ready for your CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2023-24.

Read Revised NCERT Books for Class 10

CBSE curriculum plan is planned in accordance with the NCERT schedule and the board tests are significantly founded on the NCERT course readings. Consequently, understudies are encouraged to peruse the NCERT Books as the great wellspring of investigation of a subject. NCERT Books for Class 10 have been updated after the justification of the substance of the books. A couple of parts of the course readings have been taken out and the progressions made to the books’ substance are like the CBSE erased prospectus. Thus, understudies can follow the NCERT Books no doubt as they plan for their CBSE Board Tests 2024. We have given beneath the connection to download the subject-wise amended NCERT Books for Class 10.

NCERT Deleted Syllabus for Class 10 (All Subjects)

Since CBSE suggests every one of its understudies perused and follow the NCERT Books for their board test arrangements, understudies ought to likewise know about the NCERT erased prospectus or the NCERT supported content which incorporates the parts and activities eliminated from the NCERT Books. We have arranged a subject-wise rundown of excused content or erased parts of NCERT Books. Click on the accompanying connect to really take a look at the erased sections/points from NCERT Books of all subjects of CBSE Class 10.

CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus 2024

How Syllabus Reduction Can Be Helpful For Students?

The deleted syllabus of CBSE can be helpful for candidate in a number of ways, including.

  • With less material to cover, students would feel less stressed and anxious about the upcoming papers.
  • With less material to cover, teachers can spend more time on each topic, allowing applicants to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts.
  • By deleting some of the less essential topics, the deleted syllabus can help applicants focus on the core concepts
  • Students would have more time to explore their interests & develop their own learning style.
  • The curriculum has become more manageable for students who are struggling academically.

CBSE Class 10 Revised Syllabus 2023-24

CBSE Class 10 board test to be directed toward the finish of the AY 2023-24 will be founded on the diminished and overhauled CBSE prospectus as it were. In this manner, CBSE Class 10 understudies should know the new CBSE schedule of Class 10 to assist them with understanding the new evaluation plot and CBSE’s rules for the CBSE Board Test 2024. Going through the CBSE Class 10 Schedule will tell you the rundown of points and names of parts you really want to plan for each subject. It additionally uncovers the inquiry paper plan and stamping plan for the CBSE Class 10 Board Test 2024. In this manner, knowing about CBSE prospectus is fundamental for start your test arrangements successfully and bring the best outcomes toward the end.

Subject Wise Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 CBSE 2023-24

The syllabus is one of the most important tools during the preparation, it helps candidate to create their own path to score good marks in class 10 CBSE board. From the pandemic year, CBSE board follows the deleted syllabus of class 10 CBSE. The subject-wise reduced syllabus helps applicant to score better marks in each subject. Those subjects are:

Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 CBSE 2023-24 Science

Science subjects fundamentally portray the normal world, it incorporates Physical science, Science, Science and so on. To comprehend everything exhaustively, understudies need to concentrate on every one of the sections remembered for the Science schedule. Those sections are Matter – Nature and Conduct, Association in the Living Scene, Movement, Power and Work, Food: Food Creation. The stamping appropriation for these sections are 25 imprints, 22 imprints, 27 imprints, 06 checks separately. Rest 20 imprints are remembered for the inward appraisals. As indicated by the CBSE board, the erased schedule of class 10 CBSE 2023-24 Science is Occasional Grouping of Components.

CBSE Class 10 Science Deleted Syllabus 2023-24- Check the list of chapter-wise topics that have been removed from the syllabus below.

Chapter Name Topics Deleted
Periodic Classification (Full Chapter Deleted) Need for classification, early attempts at classification of elements (Dobereiner’s Triads, Newland’s Law of Octaves, Mendeleev’s Periodic Table), Modern periodic table, gradation in properties, valency, atomic number, metallic and non-metallic properties.
Heredity and Evolution Basic concepts of evolution: evolution; evolution and classification and evolution should not be equated with progress
The Human Eye and the Colourful World Application of scattering in explaining colour change of the sun at sunrise and sunset
Magnetic Effects of Current Electric Motor, Electromagnetic induction. Induced potential difference, Induced current. Fleming’s Right Hand Rule, Electric Generator,
Sources of Energy (Full Chapter Deleted) Different forms of energy, conventional and non-conventional sources of energy: Fossil fuels, solar energy; biogas; wind, water and tidal energy; Nuclear energy. Renewable versus non-renewable sources of Energy.
Management of Natural Resources (This chapter will not be assessed in the year-end examination. It needs to be prepared only for Internal Assessment.) Conservation and judicious use of natural resources. Forest and wild life; Coal and Petroleum conservation. Examples of people’s participation for conservation of natural resources. Big dams: advantages and limitations; alternatives, if any. Water harvesting. Sustainability of natural resources.

CBSE Class 10 Science Deleted Syllabus 2023-24- Check deleted exercises from NCERT Class 10 Science Book below.

Chapter Name Page No. Dropped Topics/Chapter
Chapter 5: Periodic Classification of Elements 79–92 Full chapter
Chapter: 9 Heredity and Evolution

(Chapter name replaced with: Heredity)

147-158 Box item:

Charles Robert Darwin

Box item:

Origin of life on earth

Box item:

How do fossils form layer by layer

Box item:

Molecular phylogeny

9.3 Evolution

9.3.1 An Illustration

9.3.2 Acquired and Inherited Traits

9.4 Speciation

9.5 Evolution and Classification

9.5.1 Tracing Evolutionary Relationships

9.5.2 Fossils

9.5.3 Evolution by Stages

9.6 Evolution Should Not Be Equated With ‘Progress’

9.6.1 Human Evolution

Chapter: 11 The Human Eye and the Colourful World 188, 189, 196 and 197 Two box items:

• Damage to or malfunction of any part of the visual system…

• Why do we have two eyes for vision and not just one?

11.6.3 Colour of the Sun at Sunrise and Sunset

Chapter: 12 Electricity 201 Box item: ‘Flow’ of charges inside a wire
Chapter: 13 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current 232–237 Box item: Michael Faraday

3.4 Electric Motor

3.5 Electromagnetic Induction

3.6 Electric Generator

Chapter: 14 Sources of Energy 242–255 Full chapter
Chapter: 16 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources 266–280 Full chapter

CBSE Class 10 Science Syllabus with Marking Scheme

Chapters Marks
Matter – Nature and Behaviour 25
Organisation in the Living World 22
Motion, Force and Work 27
Food; Food Production 06
Total 80
Internal Assessment 20
Total 100

English Deleted Syllabus Of Class 10 CBSE 2023-24

English is one of the main subjects for all understudies who are concentrating in CBSE class 10. Inquiries in the English board test are asked by various segments. Those segments are Understanding Appreciation, Composing Expertise and Syntax, Writing. Checking plans for these various segments are 20 imprints, 20 imprints, 40 stamps separately. Rest of the imprints are remembered for the inner appraisals that are 20 imprints. As indicated by the CBSE, the erased schedule of class 10 English has 3 sections. Those parts from the English First Flight book are the Hundred Dresses I, The Hundred Dresses Ii, Sonnet, Creatures.

Grammar Use of passive voice Clauses- Noun clauses, Adverb clauses, Relative clauses Preposition
Creative Writing Writing an analytical paragraph of 100-120 words based on given map/ chart/ graph/  cue(s)
First Flight (Prose) The Hundred Dresses – I The Hundred Dresses – II
First Flight (Poetry) Animals
Footprints without Feet The Hack Driver

Apart from the given weightage, the other modifications are as follows.

OLD (2019-20) NEW (2023-24)

  • A factual passage of 300-350 words with eight Objective Type Question( including Multiple Choice Questions). 8 marks
  • A Discursive passages of 350-400 words with four Short Answer Type Questions to test inference, evaluation and analysis four Objective Type Questions( including Multiple Choice Questions) to test vocabulary. 12 marks

  • Discursive passage of 400-450 words. (10 marks)
  • Case-based passage (with visual input- statistical data, chart etc.) of 200-250 words. (10 marks)

  • Formal letter complaint / inquiry / placing order / letter to editor / article in about 100-150 words. The questions will be thematically based on the prescribed books. 8 marks
  • Writing a short story based on a given outline or cue/s in about 150-200 words. 10 marks

  • Formal Letter based on a given situation in 100-120 words. One out of two questions is to be answered. 5 marks
  • Writing an Analytical Paragraph (100-120 words) on a given Map /Chart / Graph / Cue/s. One out of two questions is to be answered. 5 marks
Not included previously SECTION C Reference to the Context

  • One extract out of two from Drama / Prose.
  • One extract out of two from poetry. (5+5 = 10 Marks)

Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions will be asked to assess inference, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and vocabulary.


  • One out of two extracts from prose/poetry/drama for reference to context. Four Objective Type Question (including MCQs): Two questions of one mark each on global comprehension and two questions of 1 mark each on interpretation. 4 marks
  • Five Short Answer type Questions to be answered in 30-40 words each from FIRST FLIGHT and FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET to test local and global comprehension of theme and ideas( three from FIRST FLIGHT and two from FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET). 2×5=10 marks
  • One out of two Long Answer type Questions from FIRST FLIGHT to be answered in about 100-150 words to assess creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and across the texts. 8 marks
  • One out of two long answer question from the book ‘FOOTPRINTS without FEET’ on theme or plot involving interpretation, extrapolation beyond the text and inference or character sketch to be answered in about 100-150 words. 8 marks

  • Four out of Five Short Answer Type Questions to be answered in 40-50 words from the book FIRST FLIGHT. 4×3=12 marks
  • Two out of Three Short Answer Type Questions to be answered in 40-50 words each from FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET. 2×3=6 marks
  • One out of two Long Answer Type Questions from FIRST FLIGHT to be answered in about 100-120 words each to assess creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and across the texts. This can be a passage-based question taken from a situation/plot from the texts. 6 marks
  • One out of two Long Answer Type Questions from FOOTPRINTS WITHOUT FEET on theme or plot involving interpretation, extrapolation beyond the text and inference or character sketch to be answered in about 100-120 words. 6 marks

CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus with Marking Scheme

Section Total Marks
Reading Comprehension 20
Writing Skill and Grammar 20
Language Through Literature 40
Total 80
Internal Assessment 20
Grand Total 100

Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 CBSE 2023-24 Maths

Maths is viewed as one of the hardest subjects by understudies. Since it needs a ton of training to score well in the class 10 CBSE board test. Through normal practice, understudies can get a more profound information on every one of the parts. Those sections are Number Frameworks, Polynomial math, Coordinate Calculation, Calculation, Geometry, Mensuration, Measurements and Likelihood. A portion of the parts and subjects got diminished from the prospectus during the pandemic. The erased schedule of class 10 CBSE 2023-24 Maths are Genuine Numbers-The division lemma of Euclid, Coordinate Calculation Region of a triangle, Triangles-Verification of certain hypotheses, Developments Full Section Erased, Geometrical Personalities Mathematical proportions of correlative points, Surface Regions and Volumes-Frustum of a cone.

Chapter & Topics

Chapter Topics
Real Numbers Euclid’s division lemma,

Decimal representation of rational numbers in terms of terminating/non-terminating recurring decimals.

Polynomials Statement and simple problems on division algorithm for polynomials with real coefficients.
Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variable Simple problems on equations reducible to linear equations.
Quadratic Equations No Deletion
Arithmetic Progressions No Deletion
Coordinate Geometry Area of a triangle
Triangles Proof of the following theorems are deleted   If a perpendicular is drawn from the vertex of the right angle of a right triangle to the hypotenuse,

the triangles on each side of the perpendicular are similar to the whole triangle and to each other.

The ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the ratio of the squares of their corresponding sides.

In a right triangle, the square on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides.

In a triangle, if the square on one side is equal to sum of the squares on the other two sides, the angles opposite to the first side is a right angle.

Circles No Deletion
Constructions Full Chapter Deleted
Introduction To Trigonometry No Deletion
Trigonometric Identities Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles
Heights And Distances No deletion
Areas Related To Circles No deletion
Surface Areas And Volumes Frustum of a cone. Problems involving converting one type of metallic solid into another and other mixed problems.

(Problems with a combination of not more than two different solids be take).

Statistics ·Step deviation Method for finding the mean   · Cumulative Frequency graph
Probability No deletion

SSC CGL Cut off

List of deleted exercises from NCERT Class 10 Maths Book

Chapter  Page No. Dropped Topics/Chapters
Chapter 1: Real Number 2–7 15–18 1.2 Euclid’s division lemma 1.5 Revisiting rational numbers and their decimal expansions
Chapter 2: Polynomials 33–37 2.4 Division algorithm for polynomials
Chapter 3:Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables 39–46 57–69 3.2 Pair of linear equations in two variables 3.3 Graphical method of solution of a pair of linear equations3. 4.3 Cross-multiplication method 3.5 equation reducible to a pair of linear equations in two variables
Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations 76–88 91–92 4.4 Solution of a quadratic equation by completing the squares
Chapter6: Triangles 141–144 144–154 6.5 Areas of similar triangles 6.6 Pythagoras theorem
Chapter7: Coordinate Geometry 168–172 7.4 Area of a triangle
Chapter8: Introduction to Trigonometry 87–190 193–194 8.4 Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles
Chapter 9: Some Applications of Trigonometry 195–196 205 9.1 Introduction
Chapter 11: Construction 216–222 11.1 Introduction 11.2 Division of a line segment 11.3 Construction of tangents to a circle 11.4 Summary
Chapter12: Areas Related to Circles 223 224–226 231–238 12.1 Introduction 12.2 Perimeter and area of acircle- A review 12.4 Areas of combinations of plane figures
Chapter 13: Surface Areas and Volumes 248–252 252–259 13.4 Conversion of solid from one shape to another 13.5 Frustum of a cone
Chapter 14: Statistics 289–294 14.5 Graphical representation of cumulative frequency distribution
Chapter 15: Probability 295–296 311–312 15.1 Introduction Exercise 15.2 (Optional)

CBSE Class 10 Maths Syllabus with Marking Scheme

Unit Name Marks
Number Systems 06
Algebra 20
Coordinate Geometry 06
Geometry 15
Trigonometry 12
Mensuration 10
Statistics and Probability 11
Total 80

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Deleted Syllabus 2023-24-Check chapter-wise topics remove from the syllabus below.

Chapter Deleted Topics
India and the Contemporary World-II
No Deletion
Contemporary India – II 
Chapter – Resources and Development Types of Resources.
Chapter – Forest and Wildlife Biodiversity or Biological Diversity
Flora and Fauna in India
Vanishing Forests
Asiatic Cheetah: Where did they go?
The Himalayan Yew in trouble
Project Tiger
Chapter – Agriculture Impact of Globalization on Agriculture
Chapter -Manufacturing Industries Industry Market Linkage
Cotton Textiles, Jute Textiles, Sugar Industry
Iron Steel Industry, Cement Industry
Understanding Economic Development
No Deletion
Unit 3: Democratic Politics – II
Chapter – Democracy and Diversity Full Chapter
Chapter – Gender, Religion and Caste image on page 46, 48, 49 of
NCERT Textbook – Democratic Politics –II
– reprinted edition 2020-2021)
Chapter – Popular Struggles and Movements Full Chapter
Chapter – Challenges to Democracy Full Chapter

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Deleted Syllabus 2023-24 Check deleted exercises from NCERT Class 10 Social Science Book below.

India and the Contemporary World-II

India and the Contemporary World-II
No Changes
Contemporary India – II 
Chapter Page No. Dropped Topics/Chapters
Chapter 1 – Resources and Development 2–3, 11–12 Types of Resources.
Box information
Chapter 2 – Forest and Wildlife 14–18 From second paragraph of ‘Flora and Fauna in India’ to ‘The Himalayan Yew in Trouble’, box information, Figs 2.1 and 2.2
Chapter 4 – Agriculture 43–46 Contribution of agriculture to the national economy, employment and output, Impact of globalisation on agriculture
Chapter 6 -Manufacturing Industries 64–66, 68–69, 71–73 Contribution of industry to national economy, paragraphs from cotton textiles (India exports… fibre industry), Jute textiles (Challenges… products), Sugar industry (Major… baggase), Iron Steel industry (In 2019… consumer of steel; Though… and discuss), Cement industry (Improvement… industry) and Activity (pg. 72), Table 6.1, Figs 6.1, 6.2 and 6.5
Appendix 93–94 Appendix II
Understanding Economic Development
No Deletion
Democratic Politics – II
Chapter Page No. Dropped Topics/Chapters
Chapter 3 – Democracy and Diversity 29–38 Full Chapter
Chapter 4 – Gender, Religion and Caste 46–48, 49 Images on page 46, 48 and 49
Chapter 5 – Popular Struggles and Movements 57–70 Full Chapter
Chapter 6: Political Parties 76 Full page
Chapter 8 – Challenges to Democracy 101–112 Full Chapter

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Syllabus with Marking Scheme

Units Marks
India and the Contemporary World – II 20
Contemporary India – II 20
Democratic Politics – II 20
Understanding Economic Development 20
Total 80
Internal Assessment 20
Grand Total 100

Hindi Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 CBSE 2023-24

Some of the chapters & topics are deleted from these sub-subjects during the pandemic. Check Full CBSE Class 10 Hindi Syllabus for 2023-24.

 क्षितिज, भाग – 2 काव्य खंड • देव – सवैया, कवित्त (पूरा पाठ)

• गिरिजाकुमार माथुर – छाया मत छूना (पूरा पाठ)

• ऋतुराज – कन्यादान (पूरा पाठ)

गद्य खंड • महावीरप्रसाद द्विवेदी – स्त्री-शिक्षा के विरोधी कुतर्कों का खंडन (पूरा
पाठ)• सर्वेश्वर दयाल सक्सेना – मानवीय करुणा की दिव्य चमक (पूरा पाठ)
कृतिका, भाग – 2 • एही ठैयाँ झुलनी हेरानी हो रामा ! (पूरा पाठ)

• जार्ज पंचम की नाक (पूरा पाठ)

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Ques & Ans Related to CBSE Class 10 Deleted Syllabus 2024

Is Class 10 syllabus reduce 2023 2024?

CBSE has reduced CBSE Syllabus Class 10 by 30 % to make it easier for students to pass the examinations. Every 10th-appearing student must know the examination pattern, which comprises Long/short questions, MCQs and Competency-Based Questions with weightage of 40%, 20% and 40%, respectively.

Has CBSE reduced syllabus for 2023 2024?

The updated syllabus is showing approximately a 30% reduction and slight changes to the exam pattern. However, this year also there is no term-wise division of CBSE Class 12 Syllabus 2023-24. The final board exams will include the complete syllabus.

Will CBSE reduce syllabus for 2024?

CBSE Class 10 board exam to be conduct at the end of the AY 2023-24 will be based on the reduced and revise CBSE syllabus only. CBSE Class 10 students must know the new CBSE syllabus of Class 10 to help them understand the new assessment scheme and CBSE’s guidelines for the CBSE Board Exam 2024.

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