Norton V4RR Launch Date, Price, Top Speed, Mileage, Engine, Transmission & Performance

Norton V4RR Launch Date in India 2023

Norton V4RR Launch Date, The projected cost range of Norton V4RR in India is between 80,00,000 and 90,00,000 rupees in June 2023. The Norton V4RR is a Norton-produced fully-faired super sport bike. It was developed at the Dinnington Hall factory in England and is based on the SG5 Isle of Man TT racing scooter. The single-sided swingarm shows the back wheel, and the Norton V4RR bike is constructed on an aluminum twin-tube chassis. The Norton V4RR brand is known for its security and safety. Norton has provided protection to millions of individuals all around the globe since its inception.

Norton V4RR

They have launched Norton V4RR 2023, which is their most recent and improved version of this program. It is guaranteed to make your computer safer than before. We’ll take a closer look at all of the features of Norton V4RR 2023 and why it’s such a valuable tool for securing your computer in this article. The Norton V4RR, India’s most anticipated motorbike, is set to debut soon. Although the exact launch date has not been confirmed, industry sources suggest that the motorbike will arrive in India soon. With a powerful engine and cutting-edge technology, the Norton V4RR is a stunning machine.

Norton V4RR Launch Date

Norton has an 18-liter carbon-fiber fuel tank on the Norton V4RR bike to help shave off even more pounds. It also comes with a set of carbon fiber wheels. The power is boosted by 10bhp thanks to the titanium exhaust. A six-axis IMU, traction management system, launch management, anti-wheelie management, and three riding modes: road sport and pro-race are all included in the Norton V4RR motorcycle’s electronic package. Are you looking to purchase a new bicycle? The Norton V4RR 2023 BIKE is a good option if you want to learn more about Norton V4RR. For anyone looking for a fashionable and utilitarian bicycle, this is the one for you. The aerodynamic frame makes it easier to go faster and more smoothly, while the Shimano gears make navigation through town simple.

Norton V4RR Price 

Norton V4RR is expected to launch in India in January 2024 in the expected pricerange of ₹ 80,00,000 to ₹ 90,00,000.  In addition, the motorbike has been constructed with safety as a priority, ensuring that you are safe while riding on the road at all times. See for yourself how great the Norton V4RR 2023 BIKE is by downloading it today. Indian motorcyclists are eagerly anticipating the Norton V4RR, which is one of the most highly anticipated bike launches of the year. The Norton V4RR has not yet been unveiled in India, although reports indicate that it will be introduced in the country soon. A powerful 1200cc engine, advanced electronics, and a lightweight carbon fiber chassis are just some of the fantastic attributes of this cycle. The Norton V4RR will surely impress anybody Norton V4RR, whether you’re a track junkie or a casual rider. Stay tuned for the Norton V4RR official launch date, and you’ll be one of the first to ride it.

Norton V4RR Launch Date 2023 Overview

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Norton V4RR Launch Date in India 2023

Norton V4RR Launch & Price 

In June 2023, the Norton V4RR is expected to be available in India for between 80 lakhs and 90 lakhs. The Norton V4RR is expected to have a 1200cc V4 engine that generates 200 bhp at 12,500 rpm, according to reports. 130 Nm of maximum torque is generated at 10,000 rpm. In addition, the scooter will feature top-end amenities. High-quality Ohlin NIX 30 components will be used in the front suspension, while Ohlin TTXGP Norton bespoke components will be used in the back.

Norton V4RR launch and price in India in 2023. Norton Motorcycles has teased the release of the V4RR in India, and it is expected to make its debut in the upcoming years. The V4RR is a highly anticipated model that has already gained a lot of attention in the motorcycle community with its impressive specifications and sleek design. While the price of the bike has not been officially announced, it is expected to be in the premium range due to its high-end features and advanced technology. Norton enthusiasts and motorcycle enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting more information on the V4RR and its release in India in 2023.

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Norton V4RR Features

Norton’s goal is to enter the superbike market. In commemoration of Norton’s numerous triumphs at the Isle of Man TT, the new V4 project was given the code name P94. Norton presented his two handcrafted and custom super scooters in Milan in 2023. The new Norton V4 RR, which comes in two variants: the limited-edition V4 SS and the exclusive V4 RR, is the most cutting-edge British road bike ever produced. The V4 SS was a hit right out of the gate.

Norton V4RR Horsepower

The Norton V4RR is a high-performance motorcycle that offers a range of impressive features for riders looking for the ultimate riding experience. One of the standout features of the V4RR is its powerful 1200cc V4 engine, which delivers an impressive 200 horsepower and 130 Nm of torque. The bike’s lightweight frame and advanced suspension system provide exceptional handling and stability on the road, while the aerodynamic bodywork and sleek design give it a distinctive look that’s sure to turn heads. Other notable features of the V4RR include a quick-shifting six-speed gearbox, advanced electronics package with rider aids, and high-performance brakes.


A 1200cc engine with a 72-degree V shape, 82 mm in diameter, and 56.8 mm in stroke powers the Norton V4 SS. It delivers at least 150 kilowatts of energy, which is equivalent to 200 horsepower, when operating at its maximum speed of 12,500 rpm. In order to avoid having to use a balancer shaft, the engineers planned to set the engine in a 90-degree V mode. But, eventually, they concluded that because the V4 RR’s chassis geometry benefited from a 72-degree angle, this wasn’t the best option. The engine is said to be comparable in size to the legendary Norton Isle of Man TT racer, which was previously owned by them.


Because of the swing arm pivot and rake angle adjustment possibilities, the chassis is fully customizable. The swing arm is supported and hung from the bottom, measuring 570 millimeters in length. The wheel base is 1430mm long. By default, the factory sets the steering head angle to 23.9 degrees. Keyless ignitions are a feature of the motorcycles. The TT on Isle of Man was inspired by the world’s toughest racing circuit.

Main Frame

The Norton V4 RR was designed to stand out as a unique motorcycle, despite its fundamental frame being a copy of the SG5 racing bike. A cast frame, swing arm, and stabilizer made of cast iron make up the SS’s basic main frame. The RR’s main frame is made of hand-built polished aluminum twin tube shotgun chassis. To assist with balance, the swing arm of the SS is constructed extremely stiff and lowers the center of gravity. The frame is also 3 kg lighter than the SG5, which it resembles. It has a swing arm that may pivot and an adjustable headstock angle.

Wheels & Bodywork

The SS version features a carbon fiber tyre, which saves 1.7 kilograms of weight by not having to support the wheel. The RR model uses wheels designed of OZ, which are even lighter. Because there is less moment of inertia and unsprung mass, this weight loss improves agility on both the road and the racetrack. The main fairing, the nose part, the fender, and the tail unit are all made of carbon fiber; this material is used across the majority of the Norton SS and RR.


In India, black is the only color option for the Norton V4RR.

Norton V4RR Specification

The Norton V4RR is a high-performance motorcycle that boasts an impressive array of specifications. This superbike is powered by a 1200cc V4 engine that produces 200 horsepower and 130 Nm of torque, making it one of the most powerful motorcycles on the market. The V4RR also features a chassis made from carbon fiber and aluminum, which helps to reduce weight and improve handling. The bike’s suspension system is fully adjustable, allowing the rider to fine-tune the ride to their preferences.

Norton V4RR History

The driving forces behind this team’s creation of such a stunning vehicle were the 118-year history of Norton’s super scooter construction, as well as a combination of skilled British engineers and some design techniques used by British supercar manufacturers. Speed is the driving force behind this new invention.

Engine Capacity, Max Power

Engine Capacity 1,200 cc
Transmission 6 Speed Manual
Max Power 200 bhp


The one-year warranty applies to all Norton Clipper products. We aim to offer you prompt warranty claim processing. Just 100 of the storied British marque’s Norton Classics were created, and today they’re considered the most valuable collectible for their rarity as well as the fact that they’re powered by an unusual twin rotor Wankel rotary engine.

How To Book For Norton V4RR Bike Online?

Norton V4RR bike and are looking to purchase a book about this incredible machine, you’re in luck. There are a variety of online retailers where you can find books about the Norton V4RR bike, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. These books offer detailed information about the bike and its history, as well as stunning photographs and technical specifications. Some popular titles include “Norton V4RR: The State of the Art Superbike” and “Norton V4RR – Return of the Legend”. No matter which book you choose, you’ll be able to deepen your knowledge and appreciation for one of the most impressive motorcycles ever created.

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Norton V4RR Bike Online Rating & Reviews

The Norton V4RR bike is a true masterpiece of engineering and design. With its sleek lines, powerful engine, and cutting-edge technology, this bike is a dream come true for motorcycle enthusiasts. The V4RR comes with a 1200cc engine that delivers a whopping 200 horsepower, allowing the rider to experience thrilling speeds that will take their breath away. The suspension system is also top-notch, with a combination of Öhlins NIX30 forks and TTXGP shock that make for a smooth and stable ride. And when it comes to safety features, the V4RR is equipped with advanced electronics that provide optimal control and stability. Overall, the Norton V4RR bike is a true testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the Norton team, and makes for an exceptional choice for any motorcycle enthusiast looking for a thrilling ride.


In this conclusion, The Norton V4RR is a high-performance bike that delivers an exceptional riding experience. With its impressive specifications, including a 1200cc liquid-cooled engine and advanced electronic systems, the V4RR delivers unmatched power and agility on the road. The bike’s sleek design and attention to detail make it a head-turner, while its advanced engineering and handling characteristics make it a dream to ride. The Norton V4RR is a bike that is sure to impress even the most discerning rider, and it is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence in motorcycle design and engineering. In conclusion, the Norton V4RR is a remarkable machine that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who has the pleasure of riding it.

Norton V4RR Launch Date in India Ques & Ans

Will Norton Motorcycles Come To India?

Between the years 2023 and 2024, Norton expects to release two new bicycles. Soon, in India, Norton Commando 961 Sport and Norton Commando 961 Café Racer will be available for an estimated Rs. 20.99 Lakh and Rs. 20.99 Lakh respectively.

How Much Does A Norton V4 RR Cost?

The 150 V4 RR models cost £28,000 each (approximately $A47,000, $US35,000), whereas the 200 V4 SS models are already out of stock at £44,000 (approximately $A74,000).

What Is The price Of Mission R Bike In India?

After a federal tax credit (or before taxes in India), the Mission R will cost you $29,999 (or Rs. 17 Lakh). It has a top speed of around 240 kmph and generates 160bhp horsepower. At a cost of $60,000 (or Rs. 6 lakhs), the RS Mission is a bit more expensive.

Why Norton Bikes Are Expensive?

These motorcycles, which were imported here via the CBU route and cost Rs 20.99 lakh and Rs 23.7 lakh (both, ex-showroom India), proved to be rather costly. These motorcycles would be produced in India, we were informed during the introduction last year. We can now construct a chronology for this.

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