Tata Curvv Ice Price, Top Speed, Mileage, Engine, Transmission & Performance

Tata Curvv Ice 2023

The Tata Curvv Ice car has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among potential buyers. While there have been mixed reviews about its performance, it is evident that a significant number of people are eagerly waiting for its launch. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the unique features, design, and expected release date of the Tata Curvv Ice car, as well as give our expert opinion on whether or not it is a wise investment. Whether you are intrigued by this car or not, keep reading to discover what sets it apart from others in the market. Tata Motors impressed the audience with a remarkable exhibit of various concepts and upcoming vehicles at the 2023 Tata Curvv Ice.

Tata Curvv Ice

Among the highlights was the Tata Curvv Ice  Concept, which was showcased alongside the Tata Curvv Ice concept in the previous year’s event. The Tata Curvv Ice  will remain on display throughout the expo. It is worth noting that this model can be customized to any powertrain preference, whether it be electric, gasoline, or diesel. With its impressive features, the Tata Curvv Ice Concept could very well be your long-awaited Tata Blackbird. In 2023, the Tata Curvv Ice automobile is poised to dominate the global market. This blog post delves into the characteristics and advantages of this groundbreaking vehicle, explaining why it will become a key player in the automotive sector. We’ll examine its inventive architecture, capabilities, and performance, as well as how it will transform the way we travel.

Tata Curvv Ice Price

The price of Tata Curvv is expected to be Rs.10.50 Lakh. We were taken by surprise when we came across the Tata Curvv Ice version of the Curvv concept, as we were eagerly waiting for Tata to impress us with their latest EVs. The Tata Curvv Ice  is built on the carmaker’s Gen2 platform, which is ideal for producing models with both electric and combustion-engine powertrains. While the exterior design of the Tata Curvv Ice differs slightly from its EV counterpart that was unveiled in 2023, it still retains some notable features such as connected tail lights, flush door handles, and LED DRLs throughout the front end. However, certain EV-specific elements like vertically slatted bumpers, blue design elements, and a closed-off grille have been swapped out for an open grille, air dam, and red styling details.

Tata Curvv Ice Overview


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Tata Curvv Ice 2023

Tata Curvv Ice 2023 Price & Launch Date

Tata recently unveiled a nearly final version of the Curvv ICE at the 2023 Auto Expo. The Curvv ICE is expected to hit the market by April 2024 with a starting price of Rs 10.50 lakh (ex-showroom). For those seeking information on the launch date and price of the Tata Curvv Ice 2023 in India, we can provide some insight. While an exact release date has not been confirmed, it is anticipated that the Tata Curvv Ice 2023 will be available early in the year. To stay up-to-date on the latest details regarding the release date and pricing of the Tata Curvv Ice 2023 in India, we suggest monitoring Tata Motors’ official website and social media channels.

Tata Curvv ICE Features

If you’re on the lookout for a new car, perhaps you should contemplate the Tata Curvv ICE. The Tata Curvv ICE has a sleek and aerodynamic design that’s both practical and stylish. Additionally, it features advanced safety technologies such as anti-lock brakes and airbags to ensure that you and your passengers remain secure while driving.


Although the ICE Concept’s exterior differs slightly from the electric concept, its overall design remains the same. The SUV’s LED DRLs serve as its sleek triangle headlights in the front.  This SUV’s front end boasts both boldness and style. The SUV’s side profile showcases sloping roof lines and body lines that are reminiscent of coupes. Curvv introduces frameless doors to this segment for the first time. Furthermore, the side profile includes flared wheel arches, aero-styled alloy wheels, flush door handles, and an overall SUV stance.


The interior of the SUV is characterized by its minimalistic and neat design. Its dashboard is flat and features a well-organized layout with two panels, one for entertainment and the other for the digital driver display, which are connected by an LED strip that enhances the aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the SUV boasts a vast panoramic sunroof that adds to its charm. The two-spoke steering wheel of the ICE concept draws inspiration from retro designs.


With a full panoramic glass roof (or potentially a panoramic sunroof in the production model), the cabin is spacious and well-lit. The blue-themed interior contributes to the overall ambiance of the cabin as well. Fortunately, Tata has opted not to integrate HVAC and other essential functions solely into the touchscreen, ensuring their accessibility through conventional buttons and dials.

Engine and Transmission

The battery-powered engine will drive the Tata Curvv ICE, boasting a peak output of 225 Nm and 125 PS. The brand presented a gasoline engine with a turbocharger at the auto show, and we can expect both manual and automatic transmission options with this engine. At the motor show, Tata unveiled the new 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine generating 125 PS and 225 Nm, which will be featured in the ICE version of the Curvv. Buyers can choose between a manual or automatic transmission.


It is expected that the upcoming Tata Curvv EV will offer a range of 400-500 kilometers. The interior of this new car from Tata boasts of a floating center console design, a panoramic sunroof, a center armrest, and a rotary gear selector.

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The Tata Curvv ICE can be purchased in a single color option, which is red.

Tata Curvv ICE Specification

you may be contemplating which model would suit you best. In this article, we’ll examine the Tata Curvv ICE car and present a comprehensive review of its specifications. We’ll delve into its features, performance, and technical details to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right car for you. Tata Motors has not disclosed the powertrain options that will be available with the Curvv SUV once it goes into production. However, according to the company’s plans, the Curvv will have a range of 400 to 500 kilometers on a single charge due to its reliance on Tata’s Gen 2 platform.

Engine Displacement (cc)

Fuel Type Petrol
Engine Displacement (cc) 1198
No. of cylinder 4
TransmissionType Manual
Body Type SUV

How To Book Online Tata Curvv ICE?

  1. First of all visit Tata Curvv ICE official website and dealership.
  2. And select your model then select your transmission type.
  3. Select your favorite variants on your car.
  4. Select your favorite colour for your car.
  5. And then pay your booking amount of some 11,000.
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Tata Curvv Ice Ques & Ans

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