Tesla Model Y Release Date, Price, All Specs, Top Speed, Mileage, Engine, Performance, Color Options

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y The Model Y can be considered as an SUV version of the Model 3, with shared fundamental components and features. It offers impressive speed and agility, while its ability to utilize Tesla’s supercharging network is a significant advantage. However, it does have a control layout that can be distracting and a ride that is on the stiffer side. The AWD Long Range model boasts an estimated driving range of 330 miles according to the EPA. When charging from almost empty using a 240-volt connector, it takes around 10 hours, although this time is reduced when using Tesla’s wall charger. Compared to the Model 3, the Model Y is taller and more spacious, resulting in significantly improved rear-seat room and greater versatility due to its hatchback layout. Additionally, both five- and seven-passenger seating options are available.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y falls short in terms of satisfaction compared to its counterparts. When driving on a curvy road, the electric crossover feels less agile and has a lower driving range, although it still outperforms competitors like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Volkswagen ID.4 in this aspect. Similar to the Model 3, the interior of the Model Y is made from subpar materials and all of the SUV’s controls are accessed through a single infotainment display integrated into the dashboard. Furthermore, its price puts it in competition with luxury EV SUVs such as the Audi Q8 e-tron, the Cadillac Lyriq, and the Genesis GV60, all of which offer more style and superior construction quality.

Tesla Model Y Information

The lineup for the Model Y begins with the Standard Range rear-wheel drive trim, which is the most affordable option and has rear-wheel drive. The Long Range and Performance models of the Model Y are more appealing because they have dual motors that offer a higher combined horsepower rating and all-wheel drive. We had the opportunity to test an all-wheel-drive Long Range model, thanks to a generous Car and Driver reader. It was able to go from zero-to-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, which is only 0.4 seconds slower than our long-term Model 3 sedan.

Tesla Model Y Key Updates

Article Tesla Model Y Release Date, Price, All Specs, Top Speed, Mileage, Engine, Performance, Color Options
Price Rs 70.00 Lakh
Mileage 260 miles
Top Speed 135 mph
Launch Date March 13, 2020
Hight 1624mm (63.9 inches)
Kerb Weight 2003kg

Tesla Model Y Standard Feature

The electric SUV, Model Y, comes with a 15-inch display that resembles a tablet and controls various functions of the vehicle. Additionally, it is equipped with several other features such as 12-way power-adjustable seats (only at the front), heated front and rear seats, a panoramic glass roof, dual-zone climate control, and wireless charging. Moreover, the Model Y will be equipped with Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot technology. This technology includes blind-spot monitoring, a 360-degree camera, front and rear sensors, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and emergency brake assist.

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The Model Y is equipped with a 75-kWh battery pack that can be recharged at speeds of up to 250 kW. Moreover, Tesla’s vast Supercharger network enables users to easily locate public charging stations. The driving range of the Model Y on a full charge may vary depending on its configuration.


The Model Y is available in two options: the Long Range (7-seater) and the Performance (5-seater). The Long Range model has an estimated range of 531km, while the Performance model offers a range of 487km. In terms of acceleration, the Long Range goes from 0 to 96kmph in 4.8 seconds, while the Performance achieves this in just 3.5 seconds. Both versions feature a dual-motor setup with all-wheel drive, with one motor on each axle. The Long Range variant claims a range of 525km, while the Performance variant can travel up to 488km.


In our testing, the Performance model achieved a 3.6-second acceleration to reach 60 mph, which is even quicker than before. Although the Model Y offers impressive speed, it falls short in terms of driving satisfaction when compared to the Model 3. The SUV body design results in a higher center of gravity, which compromises the sharp handling of the Model 3. Additionally, the Model Y’s ride quality is noticeably rougher over road imperfections. Unlike the larger Model X crossover, the Model Y does not feature the complex Falcon Wing doors and its interior mostly resembles that of the Model 3 sedan.

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Tesla Model Y Key Specification

The Tesla Model Y offers an exhilarating driving experience on winding roads, although it may not be as enjoyable as the Model 3. The suspension in the Model Y is firmer and the car is heavier, resulting in less agility. However, the steering remains sharp and responsive, though there is a slightly artificial feel to its sportiness. Transitioning from one corner to another is swift, particularly with the four-wheel-drive models which effectively transfer power to the road, even in wet or slippery conditions. Even the base rear-wheel-drive variant outperforms most other electric SUVs in terms of speed.

Seating Capacity 5
Body Type SUV


Transmission Type Automatic
Mild Hybrid


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Fuel Type

Fuel Type Electric
Emission Norm Compliance ZEV
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Fast Charging


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Seating Capacity

Seating Capacity 5
No of Doors 5

Tesla Model Y Exterior & Interior Photo


Tesla Motors produces the body and chassis of its vehicles at its facility in Nevada. These components are constructed using a combination of Bauxite aluminum, titanium, and boron steel, which includes iron, boron, coking coal, and other additives (Desjardins). Additionally, Tesla Motors manufactures the induction motor for their models, which is predominantly composed of steel and copper (Desjardins).

Tesla Model Y


The Model Y comes with five seats as a standard feature, and there is also an additional option to add a third-row seat, increasing the capacity to accommodate seven individuals. However, it is worth noting that the legroom in the third row is only 26.5 inches. If you require a three-row electric SUV, it would be more advantageous to consider upgrading to the Model X. In its standard five-seat setup, the Model Y offers generous passenger and cargo space.

Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model Y Colour Option

There are five colour choices in the Model Y range, the standard white colour, or an optional black, grey, blue or red,

Tesla Model Y Hit & Miss

The speed of the Model Y is displayed in the corner of the touchscreen. It can be difficult to quickly read and, depending on your seating position, your arm and hand may obstruct your view. A high-tech car like this would greatly benefit from a head-up display that directly presents important information in your line of sight, however, the Model Y does not come equipped with one.


  • Excellent performance
  • Long range and ease of charging
  • Loads of luggage space


  • Firm ride for a family SUV
  • Poor rear visibility
  • Seven seat option isn’t yet available

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Tesla Model Y Rating & Reviews

The Model Y is an electric SUV that is based on the Model 3. It boasts impressive speed and agility while being completely fuel-efficient. However, it does have the same distracting control layout and a firm ride. The AWD Long Range version has an estimated range of 326 miles according to the EPA. When charging from nearly empty, it takes approximately 10 hours using a 240-volt outlet, although this time is significantly reduced when using a Tesla Wall Charger. In comparison to the Model 3, the Model Y has a taller and more spacious design. This results in improved rear seat room and a hatch that offers greater versatility. While it is initially a five-seater, there is also an option for seven seats if desired.

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The standout feature of the Model Y’s minimalist interior design is its 15.0-inch infotainment touchscreen, which controls nearly all vehicle functions, including media, navigation, and climate control. It also offers the convenience of playing video games. While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are absent, the user interface is sufficiently impressive on its own. Additionally, over-the-air updates allow for future improvements to the system. The Model Y provides two USB ports in each row of seats, along with one in the glovebox, and two wireless chargers. Moreover, high-end models boast a 14-speaker audio system.

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Ques & Ans Related to Tesla Model Y

What is the expected price of Tesla Model Y?

The price of Tesla Model Y is expected to be Rs. 70 Lakh.

What are the expected key specifications of Tesla Model Y?

Tesla Model Y will be a suv available in Automatic transmission & Electric Range options.

Does the Tesla Model Y have a sunroof?

Tesla Model Y does not have a sunroof.

Which are the key features expected in the upcoming Tesla Model Y?

Tesla Model Y is expected to be coming with Body type Sedan, Max Torque (nm@rpm) 259 hp.

Is Model Y a 7 seater?

The IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award was given to Model Y, which achieved excellent ratings in all crashworthiness and front crash prevention categories. Model Y offers maximum versatility, allowing for the transportation of 7 passengers along with their cargo.

Is Tesla Model Y the SUV?

The 2023 Tesla Model Y is a compact SUV that runs entirely on electricity and can accommodate up to five passengers. For those interested in additional seating, there is an optional third row available, which can increase the total capacity to seven. The vehicle is offered in three primary trims: a standard-range version without a specific name, as well as the Long Range and Performance trims.

How long does Tesla battery last?

According to a tweet by Elon Musk, the warranty coverage for Tesla car batteries is expected to be between 300,000 and 500,000 miles or 1,500 battery charge cycles. This translates to an average lifespan of 22 to 37 years for the typical car driver who covers an annual distance of 13,476 miles as per the Department of Transportation (DOT).

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