Triumph launches Stealth Editions of Bonneville family

Triumph launches Stealth Editions of Bonneville family

Vin has sent a new secret rendering of its Bonneville family cruiser to the UK. The eight new Plant Custom models will have an extraordinary livery with a bright sweet tone decision on the gas tank. Secret editions may be available for one year and cost slightly more than the standard models. Speaking about the new Exceptional Edition model, Paul Stroud, Boss Business Officer at Vin, said, “The mystery release is absolutely stunning, and an unprecedented grandstand of the expertise and evolution of our paint group. It’s a rigorous, hand-crafted process that gives each bike a refined and exceptional perfection. For us Bonneville fans, these Secretance variants will be hard to resist.

Triumph launches Stealth Editions of Bonneville family

Each model has its own remarkable hand-painted scheme, going from subdued graphite to dynamic varieties like blue, green, red and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The new Secret Edition has been sent behind the wheel of the new Thruxton Last Release model, which will complement the last model year of the Bistro Racer in 2024. Secret release models include Bonneville Speedmaster, Bonneville Bobber, Bonneville T100, Bonneville T120. Speed Twin 1200, Speed Twin 900, and Scrambler 900.

Eight Triumph Bonneville Stealth Edition

The eight Victory Covertness editions include the Bonneville Speedmaster in red, the stripped-back Bobber in purple, the T100 and T120 in attractive blue, the famous Speed Twin 1200 in red and the accomplished Speed Twin 900, Scrambler 900 in green. Eye-catching orange color, finally, the Grouchy T120 Dark highlights an intricate matte silver finish.

Bonneville Bobber Purple Stealth Edition

The incredibly popular Bonneville Bobber features a stripped back, custom style that’s destined to transform into a secret release, highlighting a deep, energetic purple variation that commands attention. With all the presentation and capability of the latest era, the Bonneville Bobber Purple Secrecy Edition delivers an incredible 106 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm, while the Force Assist Grip delivers a effortless pace, making the Bobber a simple and comfortable bike to ride. With its pronounced 16″ thick front wheel and robust 47mm front forks, it offers a strong and powerful front end presence.

Bonneville T100 Blue Stealth Edition

With open, simple maintenance and exciting Bonneville execution, the Bonneville T100 Blue Secret Edition is available exclusively for one year. Every look, every style, plus a decidedly exhilarating ride that even the A2 convertible allows. The power rich, low-dormancy Bonneville 900cc motor produces 65PS (64bhp) at 7,400rpm and 80 Nm of top force at 3,750rpm. This equates to a responsive motor, with good, manageable power at low revs and plenty of top-end punch for an invigorating, fun ride. High-spec cartridge front forks, twin back shocks and 32-spoke traditionally styled wheels, combined with the T100’s versatility and easy handling experience. The latest age ABS and Switchable Foothold Control have been delicately and subtly integrated to enhance rider safety and guarantee a smooth riding experience.

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Bonneville T120 Blue Stealth Edition

The Bonneville T120 is quite possibly the most unmistakable bike on the planet, and with this dynamic blue finish it adds contemporary custom style to a true current work of art. Apart from one surprise, this Bonneville T120 Blue Secrets Edition is as mechanically advanced and full of current capability as you would expect, with a high specification that includes 41mm cartridge forks, preload-flexible twin back suspension unit and twin Brembo front Brakes included. Calipers with ABS. The T120 is clearly engineered to deliver high power, providing absolutely stellar performance throughout the low to mid-range fire up range. The 1200cc twin motor delivers 105 Nm of peak torque at a very low 3500 rpm and produces over 80 PS of power at 6,550 rpm.

Triumph launches Stealth Editions of Bonneville family

Bonneville T120 Black Stealth Edition

The Bonneville T120 Dark Covertness release includes an alternative finish to the rest of the assortment – a delightful silver matte finish that adds to its distinctive appeal. With the mediocre and badass Bonneville T120 Dark you get a number of premium shut down niceties and parts including wheel edges, matte curved guards, motor covers, mirrors, handlebar, headlamp bezels, markers and exhaust in addition to the beautiful mud. Colored seat with embellished VIN logo. The astonishingly power-packed, 1200 cc low-latency Bonneville motor delivers a remarkable blend of low-end force and top-end impact with stunning custom styling, making the Secret Edition perfect for a Sunday morning race or an everyday drive. Makes it perfect for. Makes an attractive decision.

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 Speed Twin 1200 Red Stealth Edition

The immortal Bonneville DNA of the exemplary Speed Twin 1200 is the perfect embodiment of this exquisite paint, which rewards close inspection with an eye-catching red color that sparkles in the light. The Speed Twin 1200 Red Secrecy release compliments the dynamic ride capability, ergonomics and dedicated roadster-focused body as well as the high-spec suspension and tires that deliver confident, coordinated and natural handling. Currently an honor winning cruiser, the Speed Twin 1200 has been an extraordinary achievement and customer number one. Its distinctive 1200cc high power Bonneville twin delivers an undeniably solid and straightforward power conveyance with 100PS at 7,250rpm. The unmistakable sound of this Bonneville Twin is intensified by the brushed hardened steel bull horn twin upswept sports silencers, hard-tuned for an intense, guttural rumble.

Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth Edition

This Win Coverness release model stands out with a rich, dark green tank scheme, which is suggestive of the famous English Dashing Green and makes the Speed Twin 900 an eye-catcher. Powered by the powerful, 900 cc Bonneville Twin motor, the Speed Twin 900 Green Coverness Edition suddenly offers an energetic, enjoyable ride as well as a striking extravaganza inspired exemplary look. The new Covertness edition integrates all the most loved features of the Speed Twin 900, including the Euro 5 motor with low discharge, cast Hegels aluminum items, as well as the upgraded console and styling. Add to this its assured light and agile ride, low 765mm seat level, Brembo front brakes, two riding modes, ABS and switchable foothold control, and you get a truly extraordinary release of Vin’s best current work of art. Additionally, it is continuously convertible to A2 permits.

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Scrambler 900 Orange Stealth Edition

Known for its custom styling and tough rugged look, the Scrambler 900 now sports a striking, deep orange glow for 2024. The Scrambler 900 Orange Coverness Release is a bike that can be seen riding on all roads with its high power. The 900cc Bonneville motor is tuned to give you plenty of manageable power, while the ride-by-wire choke provides great ride and control.

The Scrambler 900’s committed Case set-up reflects its riding position with an exceptional edge-to-edge, wide aluminum handlebar and mid-positioned foot stakes – a combination that’s perfect over mild rough terrain or in rush-hour traffic. Definitely inspires movement and ease. Provides exceptional performance when handling gridlock. Its 19″ front and 17″ back shut down wire-spoke Hegel 790 mm seat level adds a definitive vibe and is complimented by the limited stand-over width, empowering riders to reach the ground calmly while remaining stable, Which makes this model incredibly open. It’s easy to ride and every type of rider has a good time. In fact it is a convertible conforming to A2 permit.

Triumph launches Stealth Editions of Bonneville family


Paul Stroud, central business officer at Vin Bikes, said: “The Secrets releases are absolutely stunning, and a fantastic demonstration of the expertise and development of our paint group. It’s a difficult, hand-crafted process that gives each bike a complex and extraordinary Delivers perfection. For our Bonneville fanatics, these privacy releases will be hard to come to terms with.” The estimate of Vijay Gupta Edition addresses the incredible incentive for the devotees of the custom style. With bike appearing at sellers from February 2024, orders can now be placed at WIN sellers.

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Triumph launches Stealth Editions of Bonneville family

VIN has introduced eight new Plant Custom Retro models for 2024, each with a unique livery ranging from deep graphite deep paint to brilliant sweet colors on petroleum tanks. Accessible for only one year, Vin’s new ‘Secrecy Edition’ will be tracked on a variety of machines from the Bonneville family, with the unique paint being somewhat more valuable than the standard bike. Win Boss business executive Paul Stroud commented, “The secret releases are absolutely stunning, and a fantastic demonstration of the expertise and evolution of our paint group.”

What is the new launch of Triumph Bonneville?

Triumph Motorcycles India has announced the 2023 Bonneville T120 for our market with prices starting at Rs 11.09 lakh. The retro-style motorcycle will be available in a single variant and four colours in the Indian market.

When did the Triumph Bonneville come out?

The original Triumph Bonneville was a 650 cc parallel-twin motorcycle manufactured by Triumph Engineering and later by Norton Villiers Triumph between 1959 and 1974.

When did Triumph stop making the Bonneville?

The last official Triumph Bonneville rolls off the production line at Meriden. Limited numbers of the bike continue to be produced by LF Harris of Newton Abbot between 1985-88.

Why is Triumph Bonneville so expensive?

Firstly Triumph bonneville built quality, ride quality, equipment is much better Harley. They are liquid cool. So Triumph is charging a premium of all these factors and position it as premium product.

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